Newegg Honors Rebate For Out-Of-Business Company

More praise for Newegg, one of those rare retailers with an exceptional customer service record. Andrea bought an Astar Electronics HDMI Player with DIVX and sent off her rebate request, but never received the promised rebate.

She asked Newegg for help:

I sent two inquiries to the address they supply––and still have yet to receive any response. Is there any way you guys could try to get their attention? I have copies of my submission, and it’s done correctly. I have no idea why they won’t get back to me. I’m hoping maybe they would pay attention to Newegg since you guys are their buyer.

It turns out Astar is out of business and apparently not responding to any communications. Newegg promptly responded with something that at first sounds like another impersonal form letter, but turns out to be pretty sweet:

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. All rebates are issued through the manufacturers directly. However, as you are our valued customer, we have made an exception and credited you $20.00 back onto your original payment method since the ASTAR was bank up. Please allow your account approximately 3-5 business days to finalize the transaction and make the funds available. We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.

Andrea writes, “As promised, days later I had a rebate-refund.”

(Thanks to Andrea!)

“Newegg Honors Canceled PayPal Promotion Transactions”


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  1. Dibbler says:

    I just recently found Newegg and have bought tons of stuff from them. The most recent purchase was a laptop and all I can say it “They’re the best there is for computers and parts!” Newegg and Woot get most of my money anymore. :)

  2. catcherintheeye says:

    NewEgg and Woot FTW

  3. dmolavi says:

    i second the praise for newegg…i’ve never had a bad experience with them, and i’m just a casual buyer. a colleague of mine spends thousands a month there, and has never had a single negative experience. they have a lifetime loyal customer here.

  4. hideouslywrinkled says:

    I’d also like to add that their shipping is cheap and FAST. Newegg rocks.

  5. AstroPig7 says:

    Newegg has been nothing but good for me and those to whom I’ve recommended it.

  6. Geekybiker says:

    Newegg is awesome. Good prices, quick shipping, good service.

  7. ? graffiksguru says:

    Good to see good customer service stories every once in awhile, it just seems they are too few and far between. Have always heard good things about Newegg though.

  8. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    My two favorite online stores are Newegg and monoprice. Monoprice cables are the backbone of my home theater!

  9. BrianH says:

    Newegg & Zappos FTW.

  10. selectman says:

    I bought a motherboard from Newegg with a $10 manufacturer’s rebate that was shady as hell, requiring you to write about 12 different ID numbers in very specific locations on the submission, or it’d be rejected.

    I called up Newegg to complain and before I could hardly explain myself, the nice woman gave me a $20 chargeback to my credit card.

    I Heart Newegg.

  11. davere says:

    I was looking for RAM for my computer, I had a question about the type of RAM I was getting ready to purchase. The reply from the rep was “we can’t answer questions about RAM.”

    I went elsewhere to make my purchase and I haven’t bothered with them again. Glad to hear it was a rare occurrence.

  12. friendlynerd says:

    I bought at 32″ flat TV from Newegg, same brand – Astar. It involved a $60 rebate and I found out a couple days after buying the TV that they went out of business. I shot an email to Newegg stating that they were out of business and asking how they were going to compensate me for that. They immediately issued me a $60 credit to my card since my rebate would never arrive.

    Newegg is awesome. They made a customer for life with that move.

  13. beavis512 says:

    I have been using Newegg for over five years and they have always exceeded my expectations. Its weird, I always expected someone to buy them out or for their service to deteriorate, but it never happens. As long as the fast shipping and great prices and customer service continue, I will be a customer for life.

  14. Sucko-T says:

    I’d rather have them be honest than listen to some clown from Best Buy/Circuit City act like he knows what he’s talking about.

  15. astroworf says:

    I absolutely love Newegg. I’m a frequent buyer from the site and have never had anything but positive experiences.

  16. Rando says:

    I’ve been a newegg customer for over 5 years.

    A+ service

  17. mattsm says:

    I have had newegg honor a rebate from MSI, a company that is still in business, who never paid out the rebate. I was surprised when they paid me $10 for it.

  18. IphtashuFitz says:

    Just about every other company on the planet should look at New Egg as a model for how to retain customers. They treat us like I’m sure they they, as individuals, wish they were treated by other companies.

  19. valarmorghulis says:

    Since discovering Newegg about four years ago I have only bought parts from them with a single exception, and I regretted it. That alternate choice is now TU, so no point in vetting it further, except to say that it has solidified my trust in Newegg.

    One particular experience was a video card dying on me and having to be returned to them. They ended up not being able to replace the card due to it not being manufactured anymore, so they refuned my original purchase price. This was three and a half months after the purchase! I ended up getting a higher quality card, that was now lower than my original purchase price. I don’t know if this was policy or if I lucked out, but rarely have I been made more happy by a company’s service.

  20. dohtem says:

    Newegg is awesome.
    That is all.

  21. samurailynn says:

    @davere: It’s true, they don’t really answer questions about their products (pretty much any information they have to give is already on the site). But, for those that are willing to do the research on their own, they almost always have the best prices, and I have never gotten screwed by using them.

  22. Honus says:

    ZipZoomFly is pretty good as well. Free 2day shipping on most things I believe. Positive experience w/that one, they responded to a few inquiries I had.

    NewEgg is in a class with only the best in customer service. My motherboard died a few months ago, and DFI’s website is terrible. On a last ditch to find out if it was under warranty I went into their customer chat. Friendly response for “no,” but just knowing was better than not. Great company.

  23. dkush21 says:

    I purchased something in the past from Newegg and the mfg co did not honor the rebate, but Newegg came through and refunded me. They are super! Best Buy and some other companies should learn from Newegg how to treat customers!

  24. evslin says:

    Gonna pile on the Newegg love. They have been nothing but great to me and everybody I know for years. This isn’t something they had to do, but good on them anyway.

  25. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    @Honus: ZipZoomFly is perhaps Newegg’s closest competitor in terms of prompt, quality service and a no-nonsense shopping experience.

    That said, Newegg doesn’t know how to package OEM hard drives. They don’t give a hassle at all in exchanges, but, bare drive in anti-static wrapped in bubble wrap? Eh… no. ZZF at least has proper hard drive mailers.

  26. davidfbecker says:

    Newegg is the awesome. I’ve probably spent a few grand there over the last few years since I found out about them, and the only regrets I’ve ever had were from me making a boneheaded purchase for the wrong thing. About two months ago I built a new PC from entirely Newegg purchased gear, it all came from the same place, and came in ONE DAY on the UPS 3 day guaranteed shipping. Granted, I live like 30 miles from their headquarters in Industry, CA, but getting it to me that fast is incredible.

    Additionally, their part searching is the best out there, and the wish lists make it super easy to built your perfect PC. Go Egg!

  27. wildazndude says:

    A few year ago, I bought a Soyo SY-KT400 Dragon Ultra motherboard from It came with a… I can’t remember exactly because it’s been so long… I think $20 or $40 mail-in rebate (MIR). I submitted the MIR form with the UPC and NewEgg sales invoice, made duplicates of all documents.

    Well, the company that handled the MIR supposedly “honored” the rebate, but they never mailed the rebate check.

    I informed NewEgg and they ignored me. I submitted the claims to the Federal Trade Commission and they haven’t responded to me either/neither. Contacted Soyo directly and they told me the MIR company is a seperate entity. They had no control. BULLSH*T.

    I’m a bit disappointed in NewEgg for ignoring my e-amil regarding the Soyo MIR issue, but I still shop with NewEgg ’cause they offer great deals on computer components.

    I definitely learned from this: NEVER BUY MAIL-IN REBATE OFFERS.

    Also, I don’t buy Soyo. Sure, the motherboard still runs well, BUT they cheated me $20 or $40.

  28. ihateauditions says:

    Newegg is a customer-hostile site. Avoid.

    Last time I shopped at newegg they had some small print that said I would receive a “free” PC Magazine trial worth $9.97, and that if I did not want it, I was to print out of a pdf and mail it in.

    So thanks newegg, if I don’t want you to sell my information to a third-party, I have to print something out and mail it. Real friendly.

    On that day I talked to newegg’s customer support who refused to help me at all, saying that perhaps I could ask Ziff-Davis to pretend that Newegg hadn’t sold my data to them.

    Newegg — we’re cheaper because we sell your personal information without your permission!!

  29. anonymousryan says:

    I just returned something to NewEgg for a refund and their RMA process is so fast and convenient. Other companies try to make it as difficult as possible to return an item, which really just pisses me off and makes me more determined to jump through all the hoops to return the goddam thing and not do business with them aagain.

    NewEgg really is a model of customer service.

  30. banmojo says:

    Newegg ROX and has the lowest prices most frequently. Still is smart to comparative shop first, but I almost always end up buying at, can’t praise them enough!

  31. hypnotik_jello says:

    @ihateauditions: Looks like you’re in the minority on this one.

  32. DanPVD says:

    This is why I love Newegg so much. Not always the lowest prices, but by far the best service out there.

    For example, once I ordered a part but noticed that I didn’t need it anymore…after I opened it. Newegg took it back without a restocking fee. Awesome.

  33. warf0x0r says:

    I <3

  34. rdldr1 says:

    @ihateauditions: I call BS on that. What you stated, if true, does not make NewEgg “customer-hostile.” Of the thousands of dollars I have spent online at NewEgg over several years, I have never been offered a “free” subscription to anything. The only free thing I received from NewEgg, besides GREAT customer service, was a NewEgg sticker – which appeared on my invoice. If you didnt want the mags, take it out of your invoice.

  35. valarmorghulis says:

    @ihateauditions: I suggest you go to newegg’s privacy information page (as you should with any site you feel has violated your privacy) and check what the policy is. As it happens, the only section they have about information going to non-manufacturer sources (under Information Collection and Use; paragraph 3) states, ” We do not provide any of your information to the third party service provider unless you first consent.” Newegg participates with TRUSTe which acts as a sort of BBB for internet site privacy. If you feel that one of their participants have violated their stated policy, you should file a complaint with them. It would be great to have that transaction documented so we could all see the results.

  36. brent_w says:

    I built my computer with newegg a couple years ago.

    Saved a good deal of money, and everything arrived early.

    I was very happy. :-)

  37. goodkitty says:

    I wish I had remembered this… I got stiffed $10 on a $35 motherboard I bought for a friend. They said I didn’t send the UPC, but of course I did. What has been irking me about the ‘negg lately though is their shipping. It used to be that if you bought a bunch of small items (like I do), you’d get a discount on shipping, but now it seems like they charge you flat shipping per item, which is usually more than what it would really cost to just throw everything in one box, like they do. Shipping costs more too, but that’s really UPS.

  38. Usama says:

    I built my computer w/ NewEgg too, early last year (2007). My motherboard failed twice (and admittedly I think once it may have been my fault) but NewEgg RMA-ed the board twice, without issue! I was not expecting this, and honestly if they had said “No” the second time around I wouldn’t have argued about it. Now I recommend NewEgg to all my friends looking for anything computer-related. My next build (in the coming months) will also have all parts from NewEgg. Sometimes you pay more at NewEgg, but I buy with the confidence that they’ll be there to support me in case anything goes wrong. In 2007 they got $1500 from me, let’s see how much they’ll get this year.

  39. RvLeshrac says:

    Micro Center has been honoring Astar warranties with replacements/refunds since the company shut down.

    Any business willing to sell a product should be willing to back up that product through the warranty period, including rebates/etc. If you don’t have enough faith in the products you sell to do that, you probably shouldn’t be selling them.

    There are limits to this, obviously (you have to expect a customer to at least try to contact the manufacturer), but it’s just good business.

  40. doodaddy says:

    I’m off of NewEgg nowadays. They had great service for a few years, but lately I’ve been underwhelmed twice.

    Before, when buying parts, they always came with required cables, software, and manuals. Now I didn’t get the accessories and wrote to ask why and their curt answer was “if it’s not in the picture, you don’t get it.”

    Since the pictures usually don’t have the cables, sofware, and manual, and since the description rarely mentions them either, you just dont know.

    And if you send stuff back, they have the infamous “restocking fee.” So forget it.

  41. lax2prg says:

    not sure about all this newegg love. i made one purchase from them, and they offered the worst customer service i’d ever experienced. this was all well within the normal required return timeframe, i believe 15 days. basically they said that if i took the item out of the country, the warranty was void (when i pressed for clarification, they told me that if i bought an ipod from them, took it on holiday to europe and then came home with it, the warranty would be void because it had left the country). together the csr and i scoured the website for this information, which of course did not exist. still, they wouldn’t offer me anything on this 500GB hard drive i purchased that was DOA. just a brick wall. so i did a chargeback, then got an angry phone call from newegg, and when i explained the situation they said they wouldn’t talk to me about it at all until i reversed the chargeback. no guarantee that they’d take the item back, nothing. so i left it with the chargeback and i now have a big doorstop and they have lost a customer for life.

    as an aside, is this site owned by newegg? i wrote all this up and sent it to ben, who replied and commiserated with me, but would not post it. the newegg love in the editorial copy is suspect at best.

  42. nihil67 says:

    I too have dropped off the NewEgg bandwagon. I bought thousands of dollars worth of parts from them for quite a few years. Last year, I noticed the shipping slowing down. Then, at the end of the year, I ordered an iStarUSA server case. They sent me the wrong one because their barcode on the box didn’t match what was inside the box. I called them up, told them exactly what was wrong, got an RMA, and they sent me a new one… almost a month later. Too bad it was the same wrong case. RMA’d again… month later, same wrong case. I returned it again for a refund… which it took them a good couple weeks to process. They weren’t going to refund me the shipping cost until I raised a stink.

    You’d think they’d go check after a customer tells them they probably have a whole set of mislabeled cases in their warehouse.

  43. I bought my first DIY computer from NewEgg back in ’04 and haven’t looked back. I’ve helped others do the same, and have bought upgrades and other gadgets from Newegg. Only when their price is significantly more than a competitor do I consider /not/ ordering there. Their shipping is fast, service is good, and the shopper community is good about reviews.

    Far and away my fav online retailer. Shop there first.

  44. gticlutchburn says:

    @davere: Apparently they lack a telephone sales department, so they can’t answer those questions over the phone. the person you talked to was a customer service rep who didn’t know anything about RAM in the first place probably.

  45. Teknojunkie says:

    I’ve ordered stuff from Newegg several times and never had a problem. Of course, that’s not to say that Newegg is perfect. There’s always someone who’s a bad egg (sic) in the company. The aforementioned bad experiences are likely attributable to an employee either having a bad day, or being mis-informed. Even Newegg isn’t immune from that. However, I can’t say anything bad about them, as all of my experiences so far have been positive. If you have a dispute about your order, launch the EECB!

  46. Sidecutter says:

    @doodaddy: If you’re buying OEM components, you shouldn’t be expecting cables or manuals or additional software. And I’ve yet to find an OEM part not labeled as such, or a non-OEM part that did not have pictures showing all the parts, and come with EVERY piece or accessory the maker stated it should come with/that was pictured. And I’ve certainly never seen them describe an item as having accessories it shouldn’t, even if it was a stripped-down basic version of the same item. I think you’re buying Open-Box items, which are clearly stated NOT to be complete, or OEM, and not looking at what they are.

    As for the restocking fees, so does pretty much everyone else who sells components. And good luck getting Best Buy, Circuit City, Fry’s, CompUSA, or even small chains like Computers Plus to waive the fee. Newegg, by comparison, has agreed to waive it on everything I’ve ever returned to them.

  47. Corydon says:

    @Sidecutter: I agree.

    It’s incumbent on the purchaser to check whether you are buying a retail or an OEM version of the part. In some cases, there are major differences between the two. For example, an OEM version of Windows will not allow you to transfer the license to a new computer. The boxed retail version (which is MUCH more expensive) will.

    For hardware, an OEM version will generally be the part itself and nothing more. No manuals, cables, accessories, anything. Remember that these parts are targeted at businesses that build and repair computers, not consumers, although knowledgeable hobbyists can take advantage of the lower prices too.

    As for Newegg, they’re great. I recently built myself a new computer. Everything arrived right on time and in perfect condition. Their website is also a great place to research hardware, with a very large base of customers that often give helpful reviews.

  48. redhelix says:

    Newegg is just awesome. I’ve been shopping there for several years and it’s been the perfect customer experience every time. I’m just a little leery of the “Service Net” plans they sell. They basically follow the same terms as CompUSA’s old TAP program, though granted newegg has a whole page dedicated to telling you the terms in plain english.

  49. worldlybedouin says:

    I’ve been using Newegg for 4 or 5 years now. I’ve never had a complaint and always check them first for all my computer/electronics needs. I’ve become such a loyal customer that in at least two separate occasions I’ve been willing to play slightly more for some odds-n-ends items simply because I trust them for all my purchases. What’s a few $ now and again when I know their service is this awesome?? :-) Keep going strong Newegg!

  50. algormortis says:

    newegg really has been awesome for what i need them for: parts, parts, parts.

    if i need something fast and don’t mind the screwing on price and the awfulness of the renton or wilsonville fry’s, i’ll go there…

    but when i need to get a part, newegg is awesome, and they’ve never failed me, even on some really obscure stuff.

  51. yakuzamon says:

    i bought a mouse off newegg when paypal was offering 20% cash back (after a month) on purchases with select vendors. either the promotion was mislabelled by newegg as having an end-of-business-day cutoff or paypal had a mid-day cutoff that it didn’t make clear, and a bunch of people got stiffed on the 20% back.

    newegg followed up and refunded the 20% to all customers who qualified for the promotion and placed their orders before the end of the business day. there’s a reason i’m willing to keep going back to newegg even if i find the same item for a slightly cheaper price elsewhere, and this is great customer service.

  52. doodaddy says:

    @Sidecutter: I can’t say you are wrong, but as a customer accustomed to getting a copy of Nero locked to the DVD player I just bought (from NewEgg), it was a suprise not to get it. Now I have to buy $80 software? Forget it. (Windows build-in DVD burning sticks with the drive.)

    I have also gotten the cables when the description did not mention them. Should I feel lucky? Because I don’t. That makes me believe I will get the required (cheap) parts to set up a drive. If I have to go to the store for cables anyway, forget it. (I don’t want to get THEM from newegg, because they *might* be in the box.)

    Also, just because BestBuy charges restocking doesn’t mean it’s right.

    So, what this group *should* be saying is, for the general consumerist, do not use newegg because it is for IT departments and hard-core hobbyist. And you won’t get service once you’ve been “suckered.”

  53. XTC46 says:

    I <3 Newegg. Despite their minimum $25 shipping to hawaii (just like everyone except amazon) their prices are great and delivery is fast.

  54. Phanatic says:

    I ordered a $400 video card from Newegg. Several months later, it started displaying some pretty severe artifacts. Talked to the manufacturer, and they said “Yep, sounds like a bad card.” It was still under warranty, but Newegg also lets you RMA stuff rather than deal with the manufacturer, so I got an RMA number from Newegg and shipped them the dead card. Got an email back that says I didn’t include the manuals and driver disc like I’m supposed to. Checked the RMA page and, yep, I was supposed to do that. I looked for the stuff, and couldn’t find it. Asked Newegg “Look, I can’t find a driver disc and manual that I never used from a product I bought 4 months ago. It’s a video card. You plug it in, download the Nvidia drivers, and you’re good to go, I have no idea what I did with the drivers and manual.”

    They shipped me a replacement card in 2 days. Newegg uber alles.

  55. RvLeshrac says:


    OEM components are for OEMs who already have OEM copies of the OEM software they are going to be including with the OEM systems that they are, presumably, the OEM for.

    They *ALSO* happen to be available for people who want cheap parts with no frills.

    The OEM copy of Nero/etc was simply a *courtesy*, not a *component*. The reason Newegg shipped you a cable with some of the drives is because OEM agreements require you to purchase components (such as cables) in order to qualify as an OEM. Newegg simply includes the components to “show” the companies they contract with that they are holding up their end of the deal. Sometimes they don’t include cables. Sometimes they include a power Y-adapter instead of a drive cable. They basically just throw a component in the box with your stuff.

  56. RvLeshrac says:


    Manufacturer, not Newegg.

    The company is in no way required to accept the return if you’ve violated the terms of the warranty.

    The usual reason they add that in is the voltage differences. They don’t want someone taking the iPod to Russia, using a plug-adapter instead of a voltage converter, and then returning it.

  57. pigidy says:

    I have dealt with Newegg on many occasions and have nothing but good things to say about them. I purchased a case from them once and two days later the price dropped on their site by $10. I sent an email to their customer service department and within a week was refunded $10. I didn’t expect it since prices fluctuate all of the time but figured it was worth a try. I once bought a video card from them that died within 2 weeks and that same card was no longer available when I looked for a replacement and they stepped up and allowed me to upgrade my card by just paying the difference in price between the two cards and they shipped my replacement back to me for free along with some nice newegg gifts for my troubles and saying some nice things about their customer service in my emails to them. Newegg is a company that puts customer service on the top of their list of priorities and I will always use them and recommend them to anyone looking to buy electronics at great prices.