Man Accused Of Rappelling Into Kmart Punches His Lawyer In The Face

Here’s an odd bit of retail-related crime.

Peter Hafer is currently in jail, accused of rappelling into a Kentucky Kmart after closing in order to steal jewelry. Mr. Hafer requested a new public defender be assigned to his case, when the request was denied, he “snapped” and punched his attorney in the jaw.

“I just hit him,” Hafer told WLEX, “I mean, pretty much… yeah. I just knocked him out. I kinda just went into rage and… you know what I’m saying? I really didn’t realize what I was doing until like, you know… I was on the ground when they grabbed me. ”

When asked about the rappelling incident, Hafer had this to say:

“Them are just accusations. They don’t got no physical evidence whatsoever, just some guy, got caught up accusing me of being in there, and they don’t have nothing else.”

Any attorneys looking for some pro bono work in Kentucky?

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