Costco is kicking serious ass, says BusinessWeek. [BW]


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  1. bustit22 says:

    Sounds like the majority of those sales numbers are being generated by currency exchanges issues. Still, considering the rapidly shrinking consumer confidence in the US, a corrected 3% increase in sales is pretty dam good.

  2. Szin says:

    Of course it is! Costco is heaven on earth!

  3. Jon Parker says:

    I’m a single guy with limited storage space who is nowhere near Costco’s target demographic, and I joined just because it’s cool.

  4. theblackdog says:

    That’s because Costco offers decent sizes of stuff that even a single-person household can buy at a good price :-D

    $4 dozen fresh bagels and $1.50 jumbo hot dogs at their cafe FTW! My bro loves walking over to get the hot dogs because it’s a good cheap lunch, perfect for a college student.

  5. theblackdog says:

    @Jon Parker: If your Costco has a gas station, the savings will be worth the membership.

  6. @Szin: Heaven on Earth> I like costco, but that’s overstating, no?

  7. mikelotus says:

    the only problem with costco is that even though there are 3 of them within 10 miles of me, they are so damn popular that they are always crowded! i think they could even build 2 more within 10 miles of me and have adequate demand.