Reach Capital One Senior Acccount Specialists

800-889-9939 is the number for Capitol One’s U.S.-based Senior Customer Service reps. They take escalated calls for credit limit increases, fee waivers, account term changes, or interest rate decreases.

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  1. samurailynn says:

    I don’t even know if it’s worth calling in to complain about but I recently had a problem with Capital One. They increased my credit limit (to an amount that was still lower than one of my other credit cards). I hadn’t asked for the increase, but I thought it would be nice. I thought “hey, great, now I can trust this as my vacation card”. I used it while on vacation and then paid off the balance when I got home. It usually sits with a zero balance since I have a different card that I use for normal stuff. Now, about a month after vacation, I get a letter in the mail saying that the credit limit increase was a mistake and they have lowered my credit limit back to what it was before. Did anything like this happen to anyone else?

  2. edrebber says:

    @samurailynn: Call the 800 number and request that your credit limit be raised. Tell them if they don’t raise your limit, that you will keep the account open but never use the card again. It costs Capitalone ~$55 per year to keep an account open. Explain to the representative that if you use the card, Capitalone will generate interchange fees to offset their account costs.

  3. catspyjamas says:

    No, but they did reject me for a credit card. I had applied for the foreign transaction fee benefit (ie that there are none) since I travel frequently for work. This rejection was odd since I have a decent salary, have great credit and haven’t ever incurred a late payment. Of course, I’m also Canadian, so NONE of the prior Canadian credit history counts in my favour since they disregard it.

    The kicker: my rejection letter said, among the fact that I had insufficient credit history (what? 7 years is insufficient?) that APPLICANT IS NOT A HOMEOWNER. They rejected me….because I’m not a homeowner. In an economy reeling from a subprime crisis THIS is a reason to reject someone?


  4. samurailynn says:

    @catspyjamas: That is a little odd. I know I wasn’t a homeowner when I got my capital one card. In fact, I got a few years after my first credit card was charged off and then paid off by me. (Stupid kid getting a credit card as they go off to college, it was a big mistake for me.) I pretty much used it to clean up my credit history, and pretty much everyone I know who has a capital one card got it for that reason. Now I have pretty good credit, and in a few more years it will probably be excellent.

  5. catspyjamas says:

    @samurailynn: very annoying because I think I’m a decent customer for them, and I do get dinged on the foreign transaction fees what with the travel and all…Tried to call and got transfered around but essentially they can’t appeal a decision re: the card and they weren’t sympathetic. Ah well.

  6. djxspike says:

    wow! I got my interest rate dropped 7%!! Thanks Consumerist!

  7. rickinNC says:

    I recently noticed that Capital One raised my interest rate from 7.9% to a whopping 12.9%. When I called, the first rep immediately bounced me to her supervisor, who gave me some B.S. about some “business decision” made by Capital One management. They said they sent me a warning, but I probably missed it in the midst of their deluge of check and lower credit offers. I made all my payments and never went over the limit – they just needed more money! Well, I just took out a home equity loan to pay the whole thing off. The extra $50 they made on me over the past 3 months could have been $200-500 over the next few years , if they would have just left me alone. See ya “Crapital One” – nice business decision!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I owed Cap one a balance but didn”t pay for a few years. I finally took care of it. But before I did it was on my credit report as a write off and to be removed Sep 2008. Soon as they cashed the check I owed they entered it as a judgement on my credit report. I never received any paper work stating so. Now I have to go to consumer court to try and have it removed so I can try to purchase a home.