Google Thought To Be Out Of The Running In The Wireless Spectrum Auction

Analysts are saying that Google is probably out of the running for the “C Block” of wireless spectrum that it had been bidding on.

From Forbes:

“Verizon wants more spectrum to close the gap between it and AT&T,” said Stifel Nicolaus analyst Rebecca Arbogast. Verizon owns 49 megahertz of spectrum compared to AT&T’s 75 megahertz. “I’m reasonably confident that Google does not have the spectrum now,” she added.

Anaylsts are speculating that Google bid just over the reserve in order to make sure that the open network concessions would apply to the C-Block.

Also, it’s thought that Verizon is trying to take control of the block by bidding up the smaller regional pieces of spectrum in order to take advantage of an FCC rule that says if “regional bids top the bids for the C block, that block must be split up and apportioned to the highest bidder or bidders.”

Google could then bow out gracefully and everyone is happy.

What do you think? Did Google accomplish its mission by lobbying the FCC for an open network? Or will you be disappointed if C-block goes to Verizon?

Google Likely Out, And Happy [Forbes]

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