Dish Network Billing Is Totally Borked!

Kayla writes:

My Husband and I called Embarq for a bundle pack with dish network in April of 2007. We were told by Embarq that we would only be seeing one bill from them, that would include dish charges, and that it would be about $100 a month. We have paid our bill every month, and never had anything suspended. As a matter of fact, we had never had to make any inquiries about dish as it had been a wonderful experience until mid-January. One morning I was turning on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for my son and I had no service. So I called Embarq, who told me to call Dish, who had no record of our names or social security numbers, who told me to call Emarq again…

I was completely confused. Finally, I got ahold of a rep for Embarq who called Dish 3-way. I gave them the serial number from my box and it was registered to a Maria something who lived in another town 30 miles away. This Maria chick stopped paying the bill after her services were un-bundled in October.

Apparently, Embarq also had NO record of us ever being bundled before, and no record of us ever putting in an order for Dish services!!

So, after that conversation, Dish agreed to turn it back on and I was to get a phone call from Embarq after they re-did the account and had it all bundled. Needless to say I never got that phone call and have called them on SEVERAL occasions and gotten no where. Well, my service is once again ,OFF, and no one has any clue whats going on or how to fix this mess.

They are trying to get me to pay the 200 dollars that is due on the account that my box is listed to, even after the first rep (the one from the 3-way call) told me I was not liable for any charges that occurred before January 27th 2007. Any Ideas how to fix this mess? Because I have no more options!

God Bless,
Kayla S.

What a bunch of bollocks. Try emailing your complaint to the CEO of EchoStar (which owns DISH), Charles Ergen, at

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