The notoriously easy to hack NYC taxi credit card machines are now slightly more secure. [Gothamist]


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  1. cde says:

    Why hack it when its just so much easier to install (I.e. drop in place) a skimmer. Hell, they even make bluetooth skimmers now…..

  2. statnut says:

    Maybe thats why the cabbie punched that lady. He was actually saving her from identity theft.

  3. toddr4fun says:

    I love paying via Credit. However, you should be able to “swipe” when you enter the cab — it preauthorizes $50 or so –like at a gas station– then you add your tip at the end. The current process is slow, and there are amazingly slow dot matrix printers to print the receipt (for over $25 transactions) and signature. Drivers love sitting in traffic waiting 60 seconds for it to print.