Shopping Without Asterisks

America lies in slumber as a new swath of rights are violated, our consumer rights. The right to a fair deal. Companies have a right to try to make a profit. We have the right to receive the goods and services we purchase at the price and quality level advertised, and the right to seek redress if these expectations are not met. You earned that money with your sweat, and now you’re just going to let someone take it from you?

We need to eliminate fees that are just costs of doing business tacked on the backend. We need contracts that are living and negotiable, without grossly lopsided clauses. We deserve straightforward shopping with upfront pricing, without asterisks, for safe products. But we can’t wait for Congress, or the next President, to feel like reviving the emaciated agencies of the FCC, FTC, and CPSC. It’s up to you to protect your consumer rights. Do your research. Ask questions. Knowing who to and how to complain when things go wrong. Get informed. Vote with your dollar. Your new policy? “It’s company policy,” is not a valid explanation for ripping you off.

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