Reach Tier 3 XBOX Escalations

If Microsoft has already given you a reference number for your XBOX complaint, you can kick it up to Tier 3 escalations. Their employees are from America!

XBOX Escalations, Microsoft

Tel: 1-888-236-0927

Reference #: In the format of 105 XXX XXXX

Extension: In the format of 70XX

Open from 12 Noon to 8PM, EST

(Photo: Milkham)


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  1. elocanth says:

    Sweet! I’ll be keeping this handy, though I could’ve used this a week ago when Xbox Support was jerking me around about my Live account being locked. I had to deal with their horrible overseas support the dozen or so times I called.

    I was advised, however, that if you skip ahead to any tier, they “reserve the right” to not answer your call. This was quoted to me by an overseas rep, and I wanted to take a plane to wherever they were and stab them in the eye with a rusty spork for stating something so idiotic.

  2. Ickypoopy says:

    The Tier 3 isn’t any more helpful. I got into them by calling the Steve Ballmer phone number posted awhile ago.

    They are telling me the same crap. It takes 30 days to transfer licenses. Yea, thanks. Too bad it started on Dec 17th, and its still not done. They can’t give me a time frame. They wont compensate me. They wont help me in any way. Screw Microsoft, XBL, and the XBLA.

    They do however, understand the words that you are saying. And that is a big plus.

  3. dvddesign says:

    Yeah, Tier 3 has always been good in that regard. I’ll be keeping track of that phone number.

    I’m waiting on my 30 day call back right now. It started January 29th.

    Last time my system RRoD’d on me in May of last year it took about 6 weeks from the date I got my Xbox back till I was given 8400 MS points as a “refund” of sorts. I hope they get those back to me soon enough. They’re gonna owe me another $40 in points should my system RRoD on me again.

  4. Tortri says:

    Don’t get your hopes up. I’ve submitted my license problem way back in early November and it’s still not fixed! I’ve called many of times and finally was told I have to wait, there is nothing they can do to speed it up.

    I just want to note I HATE the XBox support. Their overseas support is the worst I have ever dealt with. I have called about my licensed problem and on 3 different occasions they transfered me to the hardware department when I clearly tell them it’s a XBox Live issue. Thats what happens when you get cheap labor.

    As for the license issue someone needs to post about it on Consumerist main page then Digg it and see if that’ll fix their lack of support!

    • Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

      Does anyone still use Digg? If even Kevin Rose got out of there, it’s sure not looking like such.

  5. Murph1908 says:

    Sweet! If I haven’t received my replacement wireless adapter today, which they claimed was shipped on 1/16, I am going to give that number a try.

    Though it was an amazing story about how I got to that point. A rep understood my logic that should they not replace this $25 to manufacture item, they would lose my recurring billing Gold membership and lose that $25 in 3 months anyway. They agreed to replace it, even though it was out of warranty. Though I have yet to see this phantom replacement.

  6. mac-phisto says:

    i say this every time an xbox-related csr story comes up. call late at nite (after 10pm est). for whatever reason, i have always ended up with american support if i call late. the one time i called at 6pm, i ended up in india.

    try it. maybe i’m wrong, but what if i’m right?

  7. mrbiggsndatx says:

    hey murph1908, you wont be seeing it. They probably just said that to get you to hang up. Calling back is going to get you back in the endless ring of suck!!

  8. Ickypoopy says:

    They say they do not issue the points anymore. They say now that they actually alter the licenses so that they are for the new console.

    I’ve been trying to get them to issue a point refund since it seems like that would resolve the issue more quickly, but they won’t do it.

  9. smirkette says:

    This is why when I’m ready for a next-gen system, I’m probably going to get a PS3…despite leaning towards the XBox 360. :P

  10. nugod777 says:

    I sent an email to billg and the customer support lady as per the previous post about the guy getting a replacement 360. No dice for me. This will be my 5th trip through the repair process. The email got me my very own level 3 supervisor. This person will help me through the repair process this time “and on my 6th or 7th repair if necessary.” Isn’t that thoughtful? I get a person who “actually speaks fluent English” (his words) that will call me occasionally throughout the process and give me updates. I guess it is supposed to give me a warm fuzzy feeling because he is “a gamer too and knows how frustrating the repair process can be.” He would also love to be able to tell me “that this won’t happen again and that this will be the last time” but he can’t. “Of course if I could tell people that truthfully, I would be out of a job.” Thanks Mr. Level 3 Supervisor. You and Microsoft officially suck.

  11. Milkham says:

    That’s my photo! Yay!


  12. Dancing Milkcarton says:

    If you have a Costco in your city buy your 360 there. When it red rings, just take it back for a no questions asked full refund. Then buy another one. Why someone would subject themselves to MS idiotic repair process time and again is beyond me. I’m on my 4th – and Costco has been great about it. Lifetime returns still apply to 360 despite their modified return terms on TVs and other electronics.

    Think, people.

  13. adamsummers says:

    I had to send a BBB complaint for them to even listen to me about transfering my licenses. After filing the report, they contacted me almost immediately, but now a month has passed and I haven’t heard back from them. Anytime I call the support line back they always can not find my previous case numbers. Anyhow, my BBB complaint has until the end of the month to be resolved. I’m expecting them to wait until the last possible minute to try and resolve anything.

  14. AceKicker says:

    @elocanth: I just spent 2.5 hours on the phone trying to fix my locked acount, with the end result being: “You’re boned.”

    Good timing with this article.

  15. Murph1908 says:

    It came yesterday!

    I am as amazed as anyone.

  16. PrincessMeri says:

    Xbox Live has been billing me for 2 years.
    You have to call then to cancel an account.
    I have called several times for them to stop.
    They still keep charging.

    It is always a runaround.
    Either in the phone recording
    Or the operator.

    They want to know when they can contact me,
    Yet they can only call when they have time.

    They sent an email, in which I replied,
    But it came back.

    1. Contact the BBB, Better Business Bureau online.
    The more people that contact the BBB, the worse the
    rating Xbox Live gets. You must find them by their
    phone number from the Xbox web site.

    2. If your credit card is from your bank, the bank can
    stop payments to Microsoft. It will cost $20 +.
    If the credit card is through a company, you can
    Dispute payment. Your credit card company will
    Send a form that you will have to get notarized.
    If you can change the account information, set the
    Credit card date to end at the end of the month!

    3. Search for Xbox Live problems on the internet.
    Post negative comments about Xbox Live. They actually
    Pay people to check the internet for negative posts.
    Maybe with enough publicity, Xbox will become better.

    Don’t forget to mention in your posts that Xbox is
    Making a fortune by billing people who do not use their services.

    After contacting BBB, and then contacting Xbox again,
    Let them know you will have to contact the BBB again.

    I’ll try this number next time I call. THANKS!

  17. noorct says:

    Yeah I tried this number this morning. 30 minute wait, no luck. Trying to resolve a billing issue with xbox and their crappy customer service makes me wish microsoft and gm had their places reversed and microsoft was on the verge of bankruptcy.

  18. Peter Gray says:

    Fifty minutes and counting on hold waiting for assistance. There has to be a better way of getting decent support.

    My call is regarding my account which was hijacked and now Microsoft seems utterly incapable of re-activating and instead has repeatedly sent re-activation emails to the email of the person who hijacked my account.

    The incompetence boggles the mind. This is my 7th call to Microsoft on this issue and I have over 13 different support ticket numbers for some reason.

  19. Peter Gray says:

    Waited 120min and gave up because I had to go to a meeting.

    Total waste of time. Does this number even work anymore?

  20. John Smith says:

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  21. April Dayton says:

    So i sent in my sons x-box about 5 months ago! The guy on the phone(american)said to remove the cables and pack it up and ship it out(had three red rings)! Shipped it out, received it back two and a half months!
    My son went to play it and it said no harddrive, can’t save and games! I called them and they said add the hard drive and i said isn’t it in the x-box not realizing that it was a peice that you could take off! Anyways to make a really long story short, they sent me a new x-box and no harddrive and now are claiming that i sent it in without the harddrive, funny i did not even know it was external! They basically told me they never received it and thats all!