Reach AT&T Executive Customer Service, Rebates, Retentions

877-574-8832 or 1-888-289-8116, option 4 for the advanced solutions group
Rebates 866-342-4271
Retentions 866-485-5238

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  1. The Great Aussie Evil says:

    And they won’t help you at all. Stupid Death Star.

  2. FightOnTrojans says:

    Is this for cellular, home service, internet, Death Star maintenance, or all of the above. It would be timely for me if its for cellular stuff. Their front-line customer service has been very helpful to me recently, though, so I may just try that route again.

  3. ex_ea_slave says:

    I’m on the phone now with the 888 number for internet issues. I was told the 888 number is for the Southwest region escalation office. Since I am in Illinois, I needed a different number. The escalation number for the Illinois region is 866-557-1575. A very helpful gentleman named Sam solved my problem in 5 minutes. Something the standard CSR’s couldn’t do in 2 weeks of calling.

  4. stopNgoBeau says:

    The first number does work, but when you select option 4, it disconnects you about a second after asking you to hold.