Comcast Apologizes For 4th Quarter SuperBowl Outage

Comcast has apologized and is offering credits to customers in New Mexico who lost their cable signal during the 4th quarter of the SuperBowl.

Comcast is working to make things right after 8,000 customers in the North Valley lost their signal in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl.

The company will be sending out apology letters, and is offering a full day’s worth of credit to people who lost their cable during the game.

Comcast is also offering video on demand coupons and the sports package free for three months.

Oh man. They totally “Heidi Gamed” it.

Comcast apologizes after Super Bowl outage [KOB]


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  1. mandarin says:

    Lots of really pissed off people there…

  2. vitaminmax says:

    A full Days worth of credit???????

    I hate Comcast

  3. Anonymous says:

    BAH hah ah ahhahahahah

    Sorry, I don’t watch football, so this is hilarious.

    I can only imagine the thousands of people sprawled on their living room sofas gorging themselves on delicious salty snacks going absolutely APESHIT when the signal fuzzed and blinked out.

  4. Do they take it seriously?

  5. RRich says:

    It went out twice in the first quarter in Palm Beach County, Florida.


  6. soup123 says:

    Is this the same company that has all those TV ads talking about how they have a more reliable picture than satellite?

  7. missdona says:

    If that would have happened at my house (Northern NJ) there would have been a bad scene.

  8. MikeB says:

    That sucks, but it appears, from the info in the article, that they are responding to their screwup fairly well.

  9. shadow735 says:

    Be afraid, be very afraid hah hah, man I would hate to be comcast ceo.

  10. CyGuy says:

    @mbouchard: I don’t think they’re responding ‘fairly well’

    IMHO, proper compensation would be a year of free basic digital cable. Many people go out and invest several thousand dollars in new TV’s primarily to have it in time to watch “The Big Game”. We finally get a Super Bowl where the 4th Quarter is worth watching, and the signal goes out. That means, the customer is effectively out a years worth of depreciation on a $4,000 TV, or maybe $1,000.

    Give these customers free cable at least through the Olympics and give a premium Olymipics coverage package, AND mail them a DVD of the SuperBowl, preferably autographed by Eli Manning.

  11. forgottenpassword says:


    Yeah, only because it happened to thousands of people during what is considered an important/popular viewing event … if this had happened to just one person…. they would do jack shit about it.

  12. sir_eccles says:

    There’s a small corner of New Mexico who think the Pats went 19-0.

  13. weakdome says:

    Good thing we’ll still have analog TV for ever! ………

  14. Munsoned says:

    I got some pixelation (I’m just outside DC) during the half-time show. All sound went out, and the picture got very jumpy going in and out. The picture/sound came back in before the second half started and I didn’t have any further problems. I would have been pissed, but it was Tom Petty, so who the hell am I kidding? Comcast probably did me a favor.

  15. @ErnieMcCracken: I was about to say, it sounds like divine intervention.

  16. THINK_before_posting says:

    BAH!!! I have Analog Cable and we lost it during the 3rd quarter. Signal went to hell, lost HD signal and had to settle for a VERY fuzzy analog signal. Luckily it only lasted about 15-20 minutes but MAN!!! My wife was livid. She tried calling Customer service and received a message, “Our phone lines are overloaded. Please call back at a later time.”
    She got on live chat and the girl there (Canada not India) tried to state that there were no service interuptions in our service area. To which my wife replied, “Then why are your phone lines overloaded?!?”
    Best/worst part was that since I don’t subscribe and have a digital converter box they stated there was nothing they could do and we had to wait for a tech to come out.
    The issue resolved itself still during the 3rd quarter. We were inconvenieced but at least it wasn’t like missing the LAST QUARTER!!!

  17. m4ximusprim3 says:

    @ErnieMcCracken: That happened to me too.

    Then I realized it wasn’t the TV, it was my brain thrashing around in pain and stretching my optic nerves. Worst halftime show ever. Bring back nipples, pls

  18. arch05 says:

    @CyGuy: You can always dream, huh?

  19. dorkins says:

    A FULL DAY’s CREDIT?! You don’t say!

    Wow! That’s like … $3.00?


  20. rolla says:

    too bad…that was one of the best 4th quarters i’ve seen in a long, long time.

  21. wimpkins says:

    Since when did you need cable to watch the superbowl?

  22. Szin says:

    Such a great game too. Seeing Tom Brady get sacked like that just brought such a smile to my face!

  23. TechnoDestructo says:


    If you have cable, and have had cable for ages, you probably don’t have a TV antenna.

    Also, many places get shit broadcast TV reception (remote areas, mountainous areas, cities with tall buildings)

  24. carblover says:

    a free sports package during the offseason? how thoughtful.

  25. Bay State Darren says:

    Please tell me the Patriots will make a similar apology. :(

  26. @CyGuy: Get real. If you think that for missing 30 min of programming, regardless of the content, that you deserve $1000, than you are retarded. If someone bought a $4000 television for 3 hours of programming then they have a much larger problem than having an unreliable cable provider.

  27. xQuizx says:

    I have a digital antenna (no cable or satellite because we don’t support either) and the signal went out in the 1st quarter but it was because my roommate accidentally pulled the plug out of the wall. But we had digital picture throughout the rest of the game.

  28. clevershark says:

    A free day’s cable and the sports package during the offseason… haha. Comcast must think that they have too many customers or something, every once in a while they do what they can to shed a few more.

  29. racermd says:

    @carblover: What?! ‘offseason’? What is that?

    Every season has some sport either spooling up or winding down. There’s still 2 months of hockey left, auto racing (forget NASCAR – ALMS, IRL, F1) is just getting started, and baseball pre-season will be airing soon.

    Those that believe in the general sports ‘offseason’ are deluded.

  30. azntg says:

    Oh lord, that would definitely PO people off, especially in the 4th quarter among all times.

    Frankly, I’m happy that I can get a very clear analog and digital OTA signal by pointing my rooftop antenna to the Empire State Building.

  31. NoraHF says:

    Just for the record, that’s the North Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico, not the “North Valley” of the whole state.

  32. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Too bad that didn’t happen up here in Boston; Comcast would have been doing us all a favor.

  33. amccoll says:

    Wow, a full year for free for a total of 30 minutes downtime? If they had an outage during That 70’s Show or something people may be cranky, but wouldn’t be screaming for hundreds of dollars in compensation. Comcast did all they reasonably could to make up for it.

  34. ninjatales says:

    That was the only quarter worth watching. I’d be super pissed too.

  35. Buran says:

    My cable has gone out for hours while I was watching documentaries before. Does Charter on its own offer me a credit?

    HELL NO!

    So why is Comcast gibbering all over itself and not making people call for the signal being out for a SHORT TIME?

    Pathetic. If your life is so boring that losing cable for an hour ruins your life, you need to put the remote down and pick up a book.

  36. Buran says:

    @CyGuy: … What are you smoking and can I have some?

  37. CurbRunner says:

    What’s this…Comcast has actually apologized for something as is trying do do the right thing?
    Company execs must have resorted to taking copious amounts of pain killers to get through all this public expression of humility.

  38. sauceistheboss says:


    Too “high-minded” for football huh?

  39. ihateauditions says:

    A full day, for missing one of the greatest finishes in history.


    If I was DirecTV or Dish, I’d be sending about 8,000 mailers out today.

  40. zyodei says:

    Hey, I gew up in the North Valley! In Dietz Farm, I went to Valley High School and everything…I sure am glad I left, or I woulda missed the Super Bowl!

    So, who was playing, anyway?

  41. Anonymous says:

    I live in Tucson, AZ and my Comcast flashed porn twice during the last half of the Super Bowl. I’m pissed. Everyone I know had their kids watching with them! What is Comcast going to do about porn interrupting the broadcast.

  42. Anonymous says:

    In Tucson AZ where we were watching the Superbowl at a very large house party, the signal was interrupted twice in the forth quarter. During the second outage, it switched to a porn movie for about 20 seconds. Some guy pulled down his pants and was waving his willy in some girls face. You should have seen all the moms at the party trying to cover their kid’s eyes. The signal was provided by Comcast, but I’m not sure of the source of the porn yet. All we know was that it also came up at a friends house about a mile away.

  43. Matthew Ryan Rainey says:

    In tucson Az Comcast showed porn right after AZ made last tuchdown.