Best Buy Randomly Delivers Your New Stove In The Middle Of Your SuperBowl Party

Reader Jennifer wanted a new stove so she could cook delicious vittles for noshing during the SuperBowl. Sadly, she bought her stove from Best Buy, so instead of having a new stove for her party, she had a new stove delivered during the SuperBowl while she had a house full of guests. She launched an EECB (Executive Email Carpet Bomb) on them and CC’d us so we could listen in.

Here’s her letter:

Dear Best Buy,

I bought a stove on-line on January 3, 2008 (order number[redacted]). I paid for delivery ($60.00) and set a delivery date of January 28, 2008 in the hope that I would be able to use my new stove for the Sunday Brunch/Super Bowl party that I was planning to throw on February 3, 2008. When I ordered there was no mention that there would be a separate installation charge ($100), nor did the website describe the procedure for how to get the stove installed–it only asked me about delivery. For someone like me who has never purchased a stove before it was unclear that delivery and installation were two different things. When I purchased my new refrigerator from Sears last year, for example, they delivered it, installed it, and took away the old one, free of charge! It did not occur to me that this would not be the case with my new stove.

On Sunday, January 27, 2008 a local Best Buy clerk called to confirm the delivery time for the next day and informed me then (in response to my asking) that the stove would not be installed when it was delivered and that I had not requested installation. When I asked about how I could get the stove installed when it was delivered, the store clerk was completely unhelpful and blamed me for buying it on-line. I called the Best Buy helpline repeatedly that Sunday afternoon to determine what I needed to do to get the stove delivered, installed, and the old stove removed. Often put on hold I was entertained by the friendly Best Buy spokesman who informed me that buying appliances online with Best Buy was so easy and installation was a breeze! I’m sure that you can imagine that these reassurances did not help my frustration. In fact, no one was able to help me on that day, despite my many calls and what seemed to be their best efforts.

Repeated phone calls to the Best Buy helpline the next day yielded a promised installation date of Monday, February 04, 2008–a week after it was supposed to be delivered and too late for my planned party. I figured that this was the best that I could do under the circumstances. I waited all day for delivery on Monday, January 28, but no one came. I did, however, receive an email from Best Buy informing me that my stove had been delivered on that day. I wrote back to say, “hey, no it had not” and I received an email in response that said that they would look into it and that they had assigned my case to a specialist–ohh a specialist! I have not heard from said specialist, so I fear that your specialists are not so special.

I made many more calls to the Best Buy helpline, local store, and the distribution center. I was told that they would now deliver on Friday, February 1. I waited all day, but they did not come. I called and was told that the local store would contact the delivery guys and call me back as soon as they learned something. I received no phone call. Many, many more phone calls between me, Best Buy helpline, local Best Buy store, Distribution Center, Delivery guys, and Installation guys ensued. I had now wasted two whole days waiting for my stove to be delivered without getting a stove.

Finally, my stove was delivered yesterday (on Super Bowl Sunday while I had a house full of guests). Today the stove was installed (only a half hour late!) and seems to be working fine. I suppose that I should be grateful that I have my new stove, but I have to admit that I’m still quite frustrated. On a positive note, I liked that the many times when I called your helpline there was an actual human being to direct my call–well done, Best Buy! Additionally, the many Best Buy helpline folks I spoke to were friendly, but unfortunately there was little that they could do to actually get my stove to my house or get it installed. The local people I spoke to were rude and frustrating, for the most part.

Here are my questions for you now: Why doesn’t your website tell consumers that delivery and installation are not the same? Why not give them the information about how to arrange to get their new stoves installed? Why did I have to make phone calls to five different levels of the company to get my stove to my house and installed? Why has no one offered to refund my delivery charge?

Obviously, I am not pleased. Recounting my tale of woe to everyone I know has frequently yielded the same question: “Why didn’t you order your stove from Sears?” Gee, I think, that sounds so sensible. Why didn’t I buy my new stove from Sears? I am going to need to purchase a new dishwasher in the next year, I’m sure that Sears is the sensible choice for all of my future appliance purchases.



We hope that Sears idea is just an empty threat. Let’s toss this one out to the readers: Where should Jennifer make her appliance purchases in the future?

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  1. mthrndr says:

    “When I purchased my new refrigerator from Sears last year, for example, they delivered it, installed it, and took away the old one, free of charge! It did not occur to me that this would not be the case with my new stove.”

    Did you order the stove from Sears? No? well, then, duh, fool.

  2. Me - now with more humidity says:

    I have never had a problem with Sears. They show up on time, install without issues, and even take care of Los Angeles city permitting (now that’s a racket!). No muss, no fuss.

    That’s my experience. Let the “you’re insane– they suck!) bitching about Sears begin.

  3. The Stork says:

    Local. Local. Local. Find a locally owned business that prides itself on service and knows about their products; there are actually such places still around for appliances (well, sometimes) and though you can still run into trouble you can actually talk to human beings – even the owner, perhaps – and get results if you have issues. The price might be a tad higher, but the experience will be vastly superior and the additional money will go back into your local economy.

  4. mthrndr says:

    To be more helpful than my last comment, I bet Best Buy outsources their deliveries to local companies. I went through a similar nightmare with Home Depot when I ordered a fridge online. They immediately charged my account, and on three separate delivery dates my fridge failed to show up. Each time I was told by home depot that the fridge had been delivered, when I was standing in my kitchen staring at an empty spot. I called the delivery company each time the fridge failed to show up, only to find out that they were closed for the day and the fridge was “probably” on the truck. When I got through to Home Depot and got the manufacturer’s number, I learned that the fridge was actually backordered and never left the warehouse. So not only did Home Depot consistently lie to me on the phone, telling me that the fridge was out for delivery, the delivery company flat out lied as well. After cancelling my order and being promised coupons, it took them two weeks to refund my money. I never got the coupons.

    Moral of the story, any time you order a large item like an appliance online, ALWAYS find out if they do their own deliveries (Sears, Lowes) or if they outsource. If they outsource, often you will be SOL for weeks if the product is not in stock. I ordered a fridge from Lowes and got it in a day.

  5. clevershark says:

    The last time I got something from Sears (a chest freezer) it was delivered on time and professionally… but then that was well over a decade ago.

  6. billbillbillbill says:

    I’ve had no problem with Sears either. Why Best Buy even keeps their joke of an appliance department running is a mystery to me. In store, they only ever have 1 employee and with no commission, they have absolutely no desire to help.

  7. kentmx25 says:

    I would not go to sears because i had bought a refrigerator with a warranty on it. In the middle of the summer it would not keep my food cold. I called the service department and asked me if i had it on. WOW But it took them a week to get to my house saying that it is in a rural district but the sears store is just 5 miles away. When they came they looked at it and saw what was wrong and said that they would have to order the part. But this is a brand new refrigerator. It took 2 weeks for the part to come in. Meanwhile i had called them to get an appointment to get it fixed. They said it would be 3 weeks until they could get to my house. So overall it took at least one month and a half to get it fixed just for one part and this was in the middle of summer. So do not go to Sears to get something new hopeing if something went wrong it would be fixed quickly. The best bet would be to go to a local mom and pop store that recognizes customer service. it is worth the little bit of extra money.

  8. Was it a gas stove, or electric? Electric seems like it would be easy to plug in, like the refrigerator.. But gas, I really would want some credentials before allowing install.

  9. cashmerewhore says:


    It’s not that you’re insane or they suck, they just had an online database so you can view all the appliances your neighbors bought at Sears.

    I highly doubt my local burglar will want to rip out my stainless range microhood, but that information is out there….

  10. VA_White says:

    RAmen, TheStork! I bought our dishwasher, fridge, washer, and dryer from a locally owned appliance business in town – Christie’s Appliance in Tucson, AZ – and they were great from start to finish on every single appliance. Delivery was free, installation was included, the customer service was top-notch. And my appliances cost on average about $50.00 more than at Best Buy or Sears. Worth every single penny.

  11. bodgy says:

    How about a local place? I bought all of my appliances from a locally owned store. They gave me an additional warranty, free delivery and installation. The glass top on my stove arrived broken and they ordered a new one without a hassle. And they apologized profusely. I was very happy with the way they handled everything. Shop local!!!

  12. bsalamon says:

    If you live in NY, always, ALWAYS, go to PC Richards. Their prices can be slightly higher, but they are amazing when it comes to delivery and installation. They set up my oven in less than 24 hours after buying it, and did the same thing with my refrigerator, also in less than 24 hours. They beat any national chain store at what they do.

  13. mopar_man says:

    This lady is obviously a Consumerist reader if she put them on the CC list. She should know that Best Buy sucks. As for appliance purchases, I used Sears several times without a problem in the past but with their reputation lately, I’ll likely be going elsewhere. In the future, it’ll either be American or a local appliance store (if I can even find one).

  14. startertan says:

    I bought my parents a new stove last year from Home Depot. It was a good deal, discounted shipping/installation/removal for $50 and I had a 10% coupon for the stove. They were on time, polite, and did a great job. I’m going to stick to HD or Lowe’s. Although some other minor issues with HD has me moving towards Lowe’s.

  15. ClayS says:

    “Reader Jennifer wanted a new stove so she could cook delicious vittles for noshing during the SuperBowl”

    Meg, your Yiddish is getting really good. That was the first time i’ve ever seen vittles and noshing in the same sentence!

  16. ecwis says:

    Why doesn’t your website tell consumers that delivery and installation are not the same?

    If you click on a range, it shows this on the first page.
    Learn more about our Appliance
    Selection, Delivery and Installation Services.

    If you click on “Delivery”, it says the following:
    * Product placed where requested, if accessible.

    And if you click on “Installation”,
    * Product placed where requested, if accessible.
    * Gas line to existing range must be disconnected, with shutoff valve present and turned off prior to the delivery team’s arrival.
    * Connections will only be made to a new gas flex line (purchased separately).
    * Includes installation of manufacturer-supplied anti-tip bracket (wood surfaces only)
    * Includes recycling of old range.
    * Liquid propane conversion available as an extra service. Service includes necessary parts.

  17. crackblind says:

    Meg, did you name the picture?

  18. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    Just my 2 cents…I don’t see what the big issue about the stove arriving during Super Bowl. I mean, yes, she had a house full of guests…but should Best Buy not deliever that day because of some sports event? It isn’t like they showed up during Christmas dinner or anything.

  19. DashTheHand says:

    Buy it yourself, get a truck rental for 20 bucks and go home and install it. If you don’t know how to install it, find a friend that does. If you have no friends, go live in an apartment with your cats and don’t worry about buying appliances.

  20. foxbat2500 says:

    Is it just me or is there a bad story about Best Buy on this site everyday?

  21. DeeJayQueue says:

    @mopar_man: so you’re that guy in this thread huh?

  22. BarryT says:

    On large purchases like this, I think that there is a lot to be said for going local. We just bought a Summit stove (to be delivered and installed tomorrow–hopefully!). I found lots of places to order it on line, but it turns out that our local appliance dealer offers the same price, and includes delivery, shlepping away the old one, redoing our gas line, and will triple the warranty on the stove to three full years. Local companies have to work harder for our business in order to compete with on line dealers, and the money we spend will help keep people in the community employed. Everybody wins.

  23. socalrob of the 24 and a half century says:

    I wouldn’t buy online. Go to Sears for this type of thing. Its about the only reason I would go there anymore other than tools. We went to buy a new washing machine. We walked in the department, plenty of help, we told her that we were going to be buying one from her no matter what, so she didn’t have to pressure us. She didn’t, showed us what we wanted and rang it up. Whole process took 10 minutes.

    It came on time the day it was to be delivered, the guys were friendly and sociable, took away the old one and hooked up the new one. They were even nice and gentle with it, and when they had an issue, instead of forcing it and causing it to break, they asked us what we wanted to do.

    Sears uses a third party company by the way, but its a good one.

  24. DeltaPurser says:

    Sure, I feel for the lady, but come on… She wants to be TOLD that delivery and installation are not the same thing?! Take some responsibility, lady!!! And, unless it was a gas stove, how hard is it to install a stove?! Uh…. plug it in?

    People whine about way too much these days…

  25. ClayS says:


    You don’t miss a thing do you?

  26. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I had lots problems dealing with Sears when getting a central air unit installed, in the middle of summer, with an elderly woman living in the house (I had to install a bunch of window air conditioners). As SOCALROB pointed out, it was a third party. Sears was pretty good about it helping to straighten it all out. I’m not looking to complain about Sears, just pointing out that when a third party is involved, there is the chance that no matter how good Sears is things can get screwed up.

  27. pastabatman says:


    great advice!

    I hope i have friends that know how to install a stove. I’d hate to be stuck living alone the rest of my life with cats!

  28. Nighthawke says:

    Where you been hiding? bby is pretty much synonymous with bad business practice. What they do is, simply put, godawful work to make a fast buck. I’ve seen bad working my stint in retail, but to sit back and watch their mercenary tactics just to earn that commish, it’s horrible.
    You think we’re bad, go look them up at What you see here is not all that bad, just more public and carries more punch because people with clout are watching and are in the know that WE, the Consumerists, can make their lives as miserable as possible.

  29. sleze69 says:

    I bought a dishwasher and washing machine from Home Depot and, although it was clearly a third party delivery/installation, they were on time and did everything they could for me (my washing machine doesn’t drain into a sink but directly into the sewer).

  30. MDSasquatch says:

    You post/read here and still shop at Best Buy???

    I learned my BB lesson a few years ago. I had just received my tax refund, had $1700 in hand and set out to buy a new washer and dryer. It was Saturday and my wife already had Sunday’s paper, so were cruised the ads and found a nice set at BB for a good price. We called the local store and asked if they would honor the price even though the sale technically started the next day. They said “sure, come on down”. I got there and they changed it to: pay the full price and come back tomorrow for a price adjustment and “we don’t keep them here, you have to go to our warehouse or have them delivered.

    I was peeved; me and my money went to Lowe’s, got a better deal and they had the washer and dryer AT THE STORE. Put them in my truck and went home to a happy wife.

    What is the lesson here? BEST BUY has always sucked, still sucks and will always suck. SHOP ELSEWHERE or bookmark this page to make it easier to post a complaint.

    That is all

  31. Amelie says:

    Yes, Best Buy screwed up, BUT was her situation worth an “exeucutive carpet bomb?” I’m concerned that if too many people use the “last resort” it will soon be available to no one.

    As it has been mentioned, an electric stove needs no real installation, but if she was getting a gas stove, she cannot compare it to having a refrigerator delivered. Gas installation is and should be extra. You only want a licensed professional dealing with your gas lines.

  32. shadow735 says:

    Rule of thumb, do not buy large appliances online.

  33. coan_net says:

    If it is something you can pick up and install yourself, then going to Best Buy or someplace like that is OK (in my opinion)

    But for delivery, installation, and removal of things – try finding a local place.

    I know of a local place which advertises every once and awhile, showing how their price of appliances are a little more then places like Best Buy – but they offer free delivery, installation, and removal of old appliance which compared to the other places are actually CHEAPER – plus more likely to get better service since they know if they do a good job it is more likely they will get more business from you and who you tell about them.

  34. lightaugust says:

    She should probably just cut her losses, since once the NFL finds out she’s having a ‘Super Bowl’ party, this story’s only gonna get worse.

  35. egosub2 says:

    @Clays: vittles ain’t yiddish. It’s a variation on “victuals.”

    I’ve been happy with the service at Warehouse Discount Center, an appliance retailer in SoCal fwiw.

  36. ElizabethD says:

    @The Stork:

    The Stork is right. We started buying all appliances from a local independent store 20 years ago and have never shopped anywhere else for those big items. He matches most of the big box deals and provides superior, personalized service; also, he can special-order anything we want from all the major manufacturers. If they screw up a shipment, HE deals with them, not us. We never have to try to reach faceless CS ppl via a Web site; we just call Joel and he takes care of everything.

  37. dregina says:

    I just bought a washer and dryer from Lowes and it was a fantastic experience. Everything went smoothly from order to instillation, and the salesman helped us fill out the reimbursement paperwork that the city of Austin offers to people who buy front-loading, energy saving washers. Lowes customer service rocks!

  38. floyderdc says:

    @The Stork:
    Why do people always comment on where the OP bought the item. A lot of areas in this country do not have local places to buy things. Maybe Best Buy is the only place to go. Go local is not good advice!!!

  39. Kurtz says:

    @lightaugust: As long as she didn’t have her Super Bowl party at a church, I think she’s ok.

  40. The Stork says:

    @floyderdc: Last line of the Consumerist article:

    “Where should Jennifer make her appliance purchases in the future?”

    Thanks for playing.

  41. SarcasticDwarf says:

    @zouxou: Agreed. It looks to me to be misuse of the EECB here. As far as I can tell she made no significant effort to resolve the issue with regular CS (after the delivery).

  42. StinkyCat says:

    I lke to play a game whenever I read a Consumerist reader story/gripe. i like to play “What did the author leave out of the story”.

  43. zumdish says:

    Consumerist readers are still buying at Best Buy?

    Another vote here for your friendly neighborhood appliance dealer. The place I use matches the price of the big stores including delivery and installation. If there is ever a problem I can pick up the phone and speak directly to the “CEO” – try that with Best Buy.

    Last time around, I bought an upright freezer, before delivery they called to tell me the unit showed up from the distributor with a small dent in it. They apologized profusely and offered to take $40 off, otherwise they’d have another unit for me in a week. The thing was going in the basement, so I took the discount, when they delivered the “dent” turned out to practically invisible.

    Needless to say I’ll never go near a Sears or Lowes for an appliance as long as these guys are around.

  44. Sherryness says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this story. I definitely feel the frustration! I am planning to purchase a computer in the near future and had not counted out Best Buy entirely, even though I have a generally low opinion of them, if they had a really good deal in the paper or something. I’ve now changed my mind. I’ve now added Best Buy to my list of places I NEVER shop – which so far includes Sears (over 20 years on my no-buy list) and Wal-Mart (over 10 years on my no-buy list).

  45. Mr. Guy says:

    @zouxou: I’m with you on this one zouxou- seems like she may have pushed the red button prematurely, especially if the delivery and installation info was in fact spelled out on the website.

  46. logicology says:

    Sears. I’ve had nothing but EXCELLENT experiences with my appliance purchases and installs from them in the past!

  47. deserthiker says:

    They should have hooked it up when they delivered it. That way you could have used it to cook some grub for you friends.

    I bought a Wolf stove locally and they hooked it up right away.

  48. mworthen says:

    This actually seems to be one the more positive BB experiences I’ve read about. It’s easier to exceed lower expectations.

  49. shadow735 says:

    Also best buy never has their sale items in stock I swear when they have sales they make sure each store only has one stock in inventory.

  50. CharlieSeattle says:

    @mthrndr: I believe it’s illegal to charge your card until they ship the item, I’d complain to your AG, and the FTC.

  51. CharlieSeattle says:

    BTW I bought my fridge almost 2 years ago from best buy, not only did it show up on time, they hooked up the water for me, and the guy crawled under my house to turn the water on.

  52. pibbsman0 says:

    A) So you bought the stove online and didn’t get exactly what you thought your would? Well thats what the retail stores are for, for clearing up issues and explaining things as clear as day. If you purchase anything online from a store down the road and don’t bother to at least call or talk to someone there beforehand, you are an idiot.

    B) does not know where you are ordering from, so it does not know that 60-80% of areas in the nation require a licensed plumber to install a gas range. So sometimes its free, but most of the time, it is not. Again, something cleared up when talking to a competent (keyword here: competent) retail associate.

    C) Yes, 75-90% of all deliveries Best Buy provides are by third party companies, same as Lowes and Home Depot.

    The key here is to TALK TO A HUMAN BEING before buying something large. ESPECIALLY something you have never purchased before and don’t have the faintest clue about. Sure, the delivery not showing up is an issue, but if I was the clerk on the phone, and you called biatching that the website didn’t tell you about installation, I would blame you for buying it online and not doing your research before hand too.

  53. GenXCub says:

    I get appliances from Fry’s Electronics whenever possible (They don’t do stoves, but do refrigerators and washer/dryers). The reasoning behind this is that I know they’re going to f it up, but I’ve paid a LOT less and am already armed with that knowledge.

  54. JHoward88 says:

    I despise obsessive compulsive persons who enjoy intoxicating themselves in front of big screen television sets while they watch criminals running around in somebody’s cow pasture fighting…

    …And I think that in this particular case the consumer deserved what happened to her. In real life we don’t plan business around ball games.

  55. GenXCub says:


    You’ve posted a grand total of three comments while being a commentor here on Consumerist. 1 is meaningless and 2 are snarky/borderline abusive. I’ve been on this site since near its inception and I have to say, you REALLY need to evaluate why you’re here. This is not a site to abuse people or flaunt your epeen. This is about being a helpful consumer, and helping others to do so. In this situation, you are not helping.

  56. forever_knight says:

    who the hell buys a stove from Best Buy? same reason i don’t buy my computer motherboard from PetCo. it’s not what they do best.

    i bet the “savings” over Sears evaporated after you paid for installation and removal of the old stove. yes?

  57. MrEvil says:

    @pibbsman0: Really, 75 to 90% of deliveries from these stores are done via third party? The installer may be third party but if you have them just deliver the appliance to you it’s a company owned truck with store employees. At least that’s the case with the two Lowe’s stores and the Best Buy in Amarillo TX. I think you have the delivery guy confused with the installer. The only store I know that contracts out appliance delivery 100% is home depot.

    My old man and I have bought plenty of appliances from Lowe’s and haven’t had a bad experience. The sale is pretty soft too. If you know the machine you want the salesman won’t bother trying to upsell and they take no for an answer on the extended warranty. What’s funny is that Lowe’s appliance salespeople make spiffs off certain models and off the warranties.

    And just remember, you have a gas anything it’s going to take a plumber to install it unless you do it yourself.

  58. StinkyCat says:


    Maybe you should show him your “Comsumerist Opinion Police” badge.

  59. pibbsman0 says:

    @GenXCub: As far as it goes, I read plenty of the articles on this website. I have much love and sympathy for many of the people who have issues that are real problems. This is not a true issue. This is a problem caused by someone trying to do things without doing research.

    I’ve been working a electronics and home improvement retail stores for over 5 years, including Best Buy and Lowes. A good customer and consumer does their research, or at least is open to listening. My comments are rude and obnoxious, I won’t disagree with that. But the people that are in these articles are either A) not fully informed, or at least don’t care to be, or B) pointing their finger in the wrong direction.

    All I ask of people is to know what you are buying. Because this person did not talk to a human who can explain what comes with something and what doesn’t, the trouble started. I’m sure if someone at a store had spoken with Jennifer before purchase, things would have been different. A website is a computer, a robot. It won’t tell you everything.

  60. pibbsman0 says:

    @MrEvil: In most areas Best Buy delivers to, third party companies do take care of it. Installers are all third party (A-1 Home Services, Inc.) I worked at a Lowes store right before they made the switch to 3rd party delivery, they still drive trucks with Lowes on the side, however, these employees do not work for Lowe’s directly. Not to say they are bad, however. They did delivery my electric stove and microwave last month and were excellent. And I definitely agree with the point that anything gas requires a plumber.

  61. pibbsman0 says:

    That is, deliver.

  62. glycolized says:

    FYI – You don’t need an engineering degree to hook up a gas stove. Most of the time it’s pretty easy. I think most homeowners should be able to handle it, especially it the old stove less than 20 years old or so.

  63. brendanm14 says:

    i will add who the hell buys a stove ONLINE from BEST BUY?

    I am impressed that they delivered it on a Sunday….every appliance that I have purchased from Sears, HD, only give me the option of Monday through Saturday deliveries.

  64. pibbsman0 says:

    @glycolized: No you don’t, however, some states do require a licensed plumber to install gas. But no salesperson can force it on you.

  65. milty45654 says:

    I think I’ve said this before….wtf are people buying appliances like that from Best Buy for? They read this blog..they know Best Buy sucks….stop being get what you pay for.

  66. StinkyCat says:


    we say that….but then it REALLY irks me whne a Best Buy product shows up in the “Instant deals” section.

    One second Consumerist is giving you every reason to avboid Best Buy and the next they are stumping products in the deals section.

  67. john_nyc says:

    After the first problem I’d have cancelled the order and placed another elsewhere.

    I’ve ordered home exercise equipment from Sears and the delivery has always been on time and troublefree. Last summer we bought a washer/dryer from PC Richards online and that was also fine in terms of delivery/installation. I did follow up the online order with a call to customer service to make sure that everything was entered properly, though. That’s probably a good rule of thumb for online ordering of items such as this.

    I don’t think that it’s a safe assumption that delivery=installation, though. Not all the time does the customer need the retailer to perform installation of the appliance. For instance, when we had our old kitchen renovated a couple of years ago, the appliance dealer just dropped the stuff off and our contractors installed it when it was time to do so. Handy homeowners might also prefer to do it themselves.

  68. ARPRINCE says:

    I always buy my home appliances from Sears. Never had problems with them on deliveries or installation.

  69. KogeLiz says:

    I dont see the difference between his posts and 60% of others.

  70. UpsetPanda says:

    I’ve never bought an appliance either so I kind of understand why she’d just be frustrated because she couldn’t get it done correctly…even bonehead things like the difference between delivery and installation might slip when you’re trying to get the big stuff taken care of (i.e. selecting a stove). The big problem that I noticed was that she specifically chose Jan. 28 as a delivery date. Seems awfully close to the Superbowl to get a large appliance in. I think she might have been able to save her self some grief if she set delivery earlier, but then again, she might not have been able to pick an earlier date.

  71. @Me, @socalrob, @ARPRINCE: Same here wrt Sears. We bought all of our new appliances for our remodeled kitchen last year from Sears, and had previously bought a new refrigerator, washer/dryer and other large appliances from them. Never a single problem. I’m sure the rule I usually apply to Mac vs. PC debates applies here as well: all hardware sucks, all software sucks, all retailers suck, all brands suck. Some suck less than others, some people have better experiences than others. Good luck.

    @GenXCub: Does Fry’s put the White Sticker of Doom on appliances, too? That’s the sure way of knowing you’re going to get a broken (whatever) from Fry’s.

  72. Hateshopping says:

    First impulse was to say go to your local applicance store to buy big ticket items, because as many have stated, don’t buy appliances online. Then I thought, if a company has an website store and you buy from it then they should deliver when they promise and it should be what you bought. Either that or the store should get the heck out of the online market because they’re just destroying their reputation with this kind of crap. Not that BB has anything to worry about there.

  73. PaulMorel says:

    Buy from the local ‘overpriced’ dealer. You will get what you pay for, as opposed to paying less, and not even getting that much.

  74. MYarms says:

    If you didn’t go to Appliance Direct, you pay too much!

  75. pibbsman0 says:

    Stupid Pitch Man who doesn’t know a thing about appliances? Yes!

    Plus, ‘Thunk’ SAME DAY DELIVERY!

    Man I love those commercials. Best part of going on vacation in Orlando.

  76. Bill2me says:

    There doesn’t seem to be a complete list of Best Buy Executives floating around Consumerist (maybe my search skills aren’t that great) … any chance we can get a look at it?

    I myself am getting ready to send a similar letter in the near future but the only Executive list I can find seems incomplete.

  77. foxmajik says:

    Oh god I have to stop watching the television and get off my fat lazy american ass for fifteen minutes to take delivery of the luxurious appliance I paid for on my credit card. Oh the horror. Oh god, oh god the horror!

  78. mthrndr says:

    @CharlieSeattle: The problem with using third party shippers is that companies like Home Depot only know what they’re told. That way they limit their liability. They were told, as I was, that the product was shipping; therefore, they charged my card. the fact that the fridge didn’t actually exist (due to backordering) was a clusterfuck of miscommunication by Home Depot, the manufacturer, and the delivery people. I did get my money back, and my only real course of action going forward is to never give my online or large-ticket-item business to Home Depot or any other company that does not have a delivery department in-store. And I would strongly suggest others do the same.

  79. Meg Marco says:

    @crackblind: Yep.

  80. xhx says:

    In the Wichita, KS area I highly recommend Metro Builder Supply. My parents bought a new washer and dryer from them, and they installed the new and carted off the old. Their salespeople and delivery people are top notch.

  81. LionelEHutz says:

    Circuit City is THE place to buy appliances.

  82. Frostberg says:

    Easy- Buy appliances in the store like everyone else!

  83. Phineas Poe says:

    @DashTheHand: The best advice so far.

  84. crackblind says:

    @Meg Marco: Then kudos to you!
    Go jints!!

  85. techman01 says:

    If you live on Long Island or in the NYC/ New Jersey area; buy from P.C. Richard & Son. I’ve been shopping there forever…always the best price and service. I think they have 50 stores on Long Island/NJ/NYC now. Prices are lower here because of the competition they give Best Buy and Circuit City. One of the only companies I know that are still family owned and operated and of their size.

  86. lockdog says:

    If you can hook up a propane tank to your grill and do the soapy water test for leaks, you can hook up a gas stove. Just don’t reuse the old supply line, get a new one. Now hooking up some of the newer funkier downdraft units can be a headache, but achievable for a committed DIYer.

  87. wellfleet says:

    Straight from an appliance supervisor at BBY (ME!): if you buy in the store, you don’t have to pay for shipping or haul-away on most ranges. Your delivery INCLUDES hook-up on electric ranges. Gas ranges, on the other hand, require a professional installation, i.e. a plumber, to hook up. How is a web site supposed to know you’re not hooking it up yourself?
    From personal experience, and even though my (BBY-employed) delivery drivers are amazing, I would want a pro to hook up something that could potentially blow up my home. Plus, it may be the law in your state.

    I’m repeatedly disgusted by the blatant BBY hate here when for every unhappy customer, I have 20 thrilled customers.

    I sympathize with this customer and I’m sorry she didn’t have an ideal experience, but her confusion and failure to become informed isn’t necessarily indicative (this time, anyway) of BBY being a terrible evil-doer. Keep in mind that hundreds of thousands of customers walk into BBY stores every day. If the place was truly horrific, they wouldn’t keep coming back. I continue to plead for sanity. You can’t hate something across the board, it’s the end of thought, literally.

  88. CyberSkull says:

    We’ve had little trouble with Sears over the years. The only major trouble I personally had with them was trying to get them to properly fix my Performa 6300CD, their tech department is mostly unsuited to handling the computers they sold. I did eventually get ahold of someone knowledgeable, but it was quite frustrating.

    As for my parents, most of the time the Sears repairs to the washer, dryer & fridge go without incident.

  89. STrRedWolf says:

    I’d definitely say go local. If your power company isn’t insane, they may have an appliance store. Maryland has “BGE Home” but we’re still hurting over deregulation that has BGE’s parent Constellation turn in record profits while BGE has to hike prices up again. I haven’t tried them but may be worth checking out.

  90. pibbsman0 says:

    @wellfleet: About as well as it could be put.

  91. AaronZ says:

    @AlteredBeast: Under what circumstances would you want an appliance delivered at & pm on a Sunday night? Superbowl or not?
    Particularly when she was expecting it a week earlier. If they gave no notice that they would be delivering it that night and just showed up in the middle of a party, that’s pretty annoying.
    Just wondering if you gave any thought to your comment before you wrote it.

  92. AaronZ says:

    –> Meant ‘7pm’ but hit the shift key, sorry.

  93. v12spd says:

    I personally recommend Abt Electronics [] if you can get delivery and install from them. Even when they use others to install they’re efficient and courteous. On time, and very helpful. They were once missing a part when they came to install my new gas stove and I went to go buy it, by the time I came home (10 min or so) 3 Abt trucks were outside my house and they had the parts, AND the worker paid me for the part I bought. We’ve had all our major appliances replaced from there and only received bad (unsatisfactory, rude and messy) delivery men once, in over 21 years. But since I have a history with them and know that those gentlemen were a single bad experience in a great organization, I didn’t complain and will continue to shop with them. Also, you get private customer only sales, that arent open to the public a few times a year, along with the bonus of haggling on your price. If you shop there often enough (and they do keep track), or are buying a lot of things, they will bend QUITE a bit on the price and maybe even waive the install.

  94. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    @AaronZ: It just seems sensationalized to me. Saying, “Best Buy Randomly Delivers on a Sunday Night” isn’t as eye catching as the phrase “Super Bowl Party”. My point is that it makes no difference if it was during Super Bowl or not. While Sunday night is less than ideal, it isn’t like it was during an ACTUAL holiday where Best Buy should assume that should be a party, w/ guests, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years.

  95. galatae says:

    In the last 3 years, I have purchased a washer/dryer/fridge/stove/dishwasher/large TV from Sears without any issues with deliver and/or installation. Actually, that’s not entirely true. The Washer & Dryer couldn’t be delivered at first because the doorway to the laundry room was only 28″ wide and th appliances were in the 31″ range. Delivery was rescheduled and installation was no problem after we had the door issue resolved. Still happy with the service from Sears, though, and all appliances are working as expected.

  96. bsq says:

    Everyone will have some good and bad experiences no matter where you make purchases. Obviously, she wasn’t happy with hers. If she didn’t want the stove delivered on Bowl day, she could have rescheduled it. As far as the question of why the BBY website doesn’t say delivery and install aren’t the same… they shouldn’t have to. So compare Sears to Best Buy; Sears gives you the option of delivery only or install during the checkout. I saw Sears install on an electric range for $259.99, yikes! and delivery only was about $65. Our author paid $60 for her online Best Buy delivery which does, I repeat, does include hauling off the old unit, just like Sears. But for Best Buy, you have to call for an appliance install. I would be upset too if I had to make numerous calls about my order. But I don’t agree with getting made because you paid for a delivery and didn’t get an install and then blaming Best Buy for not telling you the difference between delivery and install.

  97. spidercoz says:

    I hate that picture. It will haunt me for the rest of my life.

  98. psm321 says:

    @bsq: Do people not read the articles here anymore? While I agree on the delivery vs. install, the store did not deliver when scheduled _multiple times_, and then the last time never called back but instead randomly delivered 2 days later. So saying “If she didn’t want the stove delivered on Bowl day, she could have rescheduled it.” is completely nonsensical.

  99. garrmark says:

    I’ve had good luck with Sears warranty on a water heater. I had a unit that started leaking after 4 years (on a 6 year model). I called and they sent someone out to verify the leak, they said that there would be a charge for installation of a new unit and that the installer would contact me. Sears installation did contact me, but I declined and instead asked a sears CSR if I could pick up a heater at the local store. They put it in the system and I went to the local Sears, picked up the water heater, and took it home. It took a few hours to install, but no there was no charge for anything. That’s what I’m talking about!

  100. relativelyred says:

    My husband and I bought a dishwasher from Best Buy in Nov. 2007, paid the extra money for a “professional” installation, and are now dealing with all of their incompetance. The install was done by a contracting company (A-1 Home Services), and their faulty install totally destroyed our kitchen cabinets and our new flooring after it flooded the first floor of our house. We are now in the subregation process with the insurance companies to get our money back. I think a class action suit against BB is in order, because I’ve seen nothing but horror stories about the company since our bad experience. When we tried to find a way to report A-1 to the BBB, we counldn’t get a straight answer about their location to actually file a report. We also tried finding a customer complaint contact within Best Buy and were also given the run around. I understand people who sue for pain and suffering now. Last month, we needed a new washer and dryer. We went to Sears and had a wonderful, even refreshing experience all the way from the sales floor to the delivery and install. Best Buy is evil, and I have the repair bills to prove it.

  101. SkokieGuy says:

    To help Jennifer by recommending where she should buy her dishwasher, don’t we have to know where she lives?

    I will happily rave about ABT appliance in the Chicago suburbs. They maintain a massive fleet of their own installation trucks have a store the size of several football fields and outstanding service. When my dishwashwer failed, (out of warranty), the needed part was not on the truck. The did not charge for the return visit and the service tech even showed me what he was doing and how to fix it myself to save money if the problem reoccured.

    They are always on time, courteous, professional and go out of their way to exceed your expectations. There store features large signs, “The answer to any reasonable request is yes”.

    No, I don’t work for them, there are just very few business left anymore that deliver such extraordinary service.

    Although their prices are competitive, I will pay more, when neccesary to buy from them, because of their amazing service and I rave about them to friends and coworkers.

    Retailers who read Consumerist – are you listening?