Morning Deals

  • Woot: Olevia 52″ 1080p LCD TV for $1,599.99
  • Circuit City: Creative Labs Live! Cam Laptop for $9.99 Shipped after Rebate
  • J.C. Penny: Suit clearance sale (Brick and Mortar only, YMMV)
  • Highlights From Dealhack

  • Linens ‘N Things: Save 50% off: 4 Pack of Pillows $20
  • OneCall: Casio Exilim EX-Z75 7.2MP Camera $143 Shipped
  • D-Link 320RD High Speed Wireless Media Player $80 & Free Shipping
  • Highlights From Bargainist

  • Morton’s Steakhouse: Steak & Seafood dinner for two $99
  • KB Toys: Select outdoor toys up to 50% off
  • Home Depot: Up to $250 gift card w/$300+ appliance purchase
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    1. mopar_man says:

      A Home Depot deal? A deal? Haven’t we learned anything about these places from Consumerist?

    2. SexCpotatoes says:

      Oh, go easy on him, these stories don’t just happen by themselves. Ben just needs more victims so he has more posts to fill up the site with, that’s why he’s urging you to those disreputable blackguards for your daily deal fix.

    3. Optimistic Prime says:

      Olevia may be a newer brand, but I recommend it. I bought two of them and they’re pretty good. For the two I bought, I would’ve only gotten one “big name” brand. Just don’t expect to find a universal remote that can power it on or off.

    4. K-Bo says:

      @Optimistic Prime: buy a learning remote, so that it can pick up the factory remotes signal. I love my Olevia tv, hate the remote that came with it with a passion, very unresponsive. Programmed my learning remote, it works 2x as well.

    5. @Optimistic Prime: And some, like the kameleon’s, can be upgraded over the phone. You just call the customer service center, and they have you hold the remote to the phone, and it upgrades it.

    6. muckpond says:

      isn’t olevia that tv brand for lesbians?

    7. firesign says:

      @muckpond: don’t quit your day job, if you actually have one.

    8. Erskine says:

      @muckpond: Is your mom named Olevia?

    9. BillyShears says:

      Yeah, um, I see at least three companies up there that haven’t exactly won the hearts of Consumerist readers and writers.

      What’s the deal, Ben?

    10. Optimistic Prime says:

      @K-Bo: Sadly I have a learning remote. This is the second learning remote that wouldn’t learn how to turn the tv on or off :(

      @Git Em SteveDave: I checked out that thing, it looks like it would work, but does it cost mor than 20 bucks? It certainly looks like it. What can I say, I’m a cheapskate:P