Help, Whirpool Replaced My Leaky Washer With A Brand New Leaky Washer!

Ken writes: “In February of 2007, we purchased a Whirlpool Duet Sport Washer, model XWWFW8410SW. The washer worked very well, and we noticed a savings in our water and electric bill. A few months later, we noticed it was leaking water. Fortunately, the washer is in the garage. We called our local appliance dealer, and they sent out a service technician. He “fixed” the leak. A couple of days later, it began leaking again. And it was fixed again. The door was replaced. The lock was replaced. The ring was replaced. Everything was caulked, adjusted, tweaked, etc. Again it leaked.”

It took 8 visits before he finally gave up. The washer leaked somewhat on the various cycles, heavy duty, normal, and quick, but leaked severely on the clean washer cycle. He had made numerous calls to Whirlpool tech support and finally told us there was nothing more he could do, and our next option was for us to contact Whirlpool.

In December 2007, we called Whirlpool. They were very apologetic, and after doing some research, they determined that the washer needed to be replaced. They asked us to be patient, and told us that the new washer would be shipped to the appliance dealer and be delivered to us in February. The new washer was delivered on January 29.

We were thrilled that our leaks were behind us with a new washer. We decided to run the clean cycle, figuring that we may as well start with a clean washer.

I am not writing this letter to tell you what a great washer Whirlpool manufactures. I am writing to tell you that this BRAND NEW WHIRLPOOL WASHER is leaking!!!

I called the appliance dealer this morning to express my disgust. I spoke to the tech who told me that there is a new “fix”, and that he would be out in a couple of days after he receives the parts. Fine.

I am going to call Whirlpool yet again to advise them that there are problems with this washer.

I will advise you as this saga continues. Consumerist, my patience is wearing thin, as is my optimism. Would you alert the world of this issue?

Both the dealer and Whirlpool are attentively working to plug the leak, but Ken has no reason to believe that a ninth fix will help make his clothes bright and clean. Wise Consumerists, how would you counsel poor Ken? Assuming the unit still leaks after the ninth visit, should he ask for a third replacement, maybe a new model altogether? Let the comments overflow with your bubbly wisdom.

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