What To Do If You're Missing Your W2

It’s February 1st and you don’t have your W2? Fear not. Tax Cat will help.

Option 1: Wait a little longer. It might be coming. Call your payroll department and ask them wassup.

Option 2: Call the IRS. Your employer is legally required to send you your W2. Tax Cat sez:

1) Have the employer’s name and address handy.
2) Call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040
3) Press 1
4) Press 2
5) Wait for the operator. Tell them that despite your efforts, your employer hasn’t sent you a W-2.

This will result in a nasty letter from the IRS to your employer instructing them to send your damn W2 or else. Click here to see a photo of one of Tax Cat’s happy clients.

3) Do without. If you just can’t get a copy of your W2, you’ll need to fill out Form 4852 (PDF) This is your last resort. Using this form can delay your return while the IRS figures out of you’re full of it or not.

Missing Your Form W-2? [IRS]

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