Top Posts Of The Week

Best Buy Refuses To Honor 2 for $25 DVD Sale
“Silly Jason. He thought a Best Buy sign reading “2 for $25″ meant he could buy two DVDs for $25.”

Walmart Nazi Tshirt Watch: Week 62
“Just when you thought all of the Walmart tshirts bearing the exact replica of an infamous Nazi symbol were recalled, or sold to a discount store and burned, a Walmart in Palmdale, California has them on sale for $3.00 a pop.”

Gibson Screws Musician Out Of $10,000 Worth Of Equipment
“A musician named Tonedeff won the Lolapalooza Last Band Standing contest in 2006. Part of the prize package was “$10,000 worth of equipment from our friends at Gibson. (yes, believe it!).” Well, Tonedeff believed it, and he’s spent the last year and a half trying to get Gibson to make good on their promise”

Move To Japan So You Can Eat Strawberry Cheetos
“Apparently, a “Strawberry Cheeto” is a plain cheeto dipped in some sort of strawberry frosting and is “actually very good,” according to one brave soul who tried them.”

Home Depot Lets You Keep $199 Power Tool That Rang Up For $0.01
“Now, it would have been more ethical to tell the store about the error and to ask for an additional discount, but since Johnny already paid for the item, it was his.”