13 Ways To Make Your Own Swiffer Pads

Swiffers are awesome but it sucks to keep buying those pads for $1 a piece. Here are 13 ways to make your own Swiffer pads. Save money or save the planet. Your choice.

13. Microfiber cloth. Buy a microfiber cloth and cut it to size. Attach it to the Swiffer.

12. Paper Towels. Use high quality paper towels instead of Swiffer pads for pennies on the dollar.

11. Old Socks. Instead of throwing old socks away, pull them over the Swiffer. Toss them in the washing machine, or throw them away.

10. Bar Mop Towels. Use instead of the pads. Wash when dirty and reuse.

9. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Attach with rubber bands.

8. Rinse and Reuse Swiffer Cloths. Rumor has it you can just wash them and use them again.

7. Knit a Swiffer Cloth. If you can knit a dish scrubber, you can knit a Swiffer cloth. Here’s an awesome pattern.

6. Old Washcloths. Ugly old wash clothes can be used as Swiffer clothes. Discard when they’re gross.

5. Old Clothes. Got stuff that even charity wouldn’t want? Cut them up and use them on your Swiffer. Watch out. Don’t scratch your floors with your bedazzled jeans. Flannel is best.

4. Baby Clothes. Brat outgrew it? Wash the floor with it.

3. Disposable Diapers. Not used ones. Clean ones.

2. Buy a Reusable Cloth on Etsy! Support awesome crafty people, save money.

1. Sew your own Swiffer pad using this Instructable.

(Photo:Green Mountain Mama)

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