Personal Finance Roundup

The Super Bowl Economy [Business Week] “Super Sunday generates major bucks for all involved, from its host network to snackmakers, HDTV sellers, and especially the game’s host city.”

Make the Most of Falling Rates [Kiplinger] “Borrowers with good credit can get deals on loans now.”

Do You Boycott Companies that Don’t Line Up with Your Values? [Free Money Finance] “Are there any companies you refuse to do business with because of their stance/actions?”

Seven Strategies for a Tumbling Market [Wall Street Journal] “Here are seven smart strategies for a sinking market.”

Must-See Investing TV: 20 Free Online TV Channels for Finance Junkies [Currency Trading] “Here are the top 20 free online TV channels for finance junkies.”

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  1. bctampa says:

    Got hit with a “malware” intrusion when I selected “ChannelChooser” hotlink from “20 must see online tv shows”
    Had a hell of a time escaping.

  2. Mr. Gunn says:
  3. gvf says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by the Seven Strategies Articles. Most mainstream financial stories during these times are doom & gloom.