IRS Warns Consumers Not To Fall For Rebate Scams

The IRS would like you to know that its not planning on emailing you about your tax rebate. “The IRS does not send unsolicited e-mail about tax account matters to individual, business, tax-exempt or other taxpayers,” the agency warned yesterday.

“Stimulus” rebates have not yet been approved or signed by the president, but that’s not stopping some scammers from taking advantage of consumers who are eagerly anticipating the cash.

If you have questions about your tax rebate or any other IRS-related issues… why not give them a call? Despite their reputation for being a bunch of psychos, they’re actually helpful and nice. 1-800-829-1040

Or, if you prefer the internet, make sure you’re visiting the real IRS page at

If you do get some suspicious emails, help the IRS investigate the scammers by forwarding the messages to

How to Contact the IRS [IRS]