FCC Auction: Bidding Tops $4.7 Billion! We Have A Winner!

The New York Times is reporting that the auction for the C-block of wireless spectrum (Read: the Google part) has may have been won by someone… but we don’t know who. Oh, the suspense!

All we know is that someone bid $4,713,823,000 and won. may have won.

Says the New York Times:

One thing is certain: because the C Block hit the $4.6 billion reserve price set by the Federal Communications Commission, certain rules will apply that will require the winning company to open its network to devices from competing companies.


UPDATE: The NYT says it was wrong about there being a winner. Other companies can technically still bid, yadda, yadda. Oh well, we’re still happy about the reserve price being met. We’re all winners. The Times says:

This post was wrong in saying that rules prohibit anyone from bidding higher than $4.7 billion for the C block. There are some rather complex ways that another company could in fact raise the bid in coming days. I’ll write a post explaining this later.

Spectrum Auction: The C-Block Bidding Is Over at $4.7 Billion

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