City Sues Man For Not Having Any Trash

You would think city would be giving a guy a special bonus for not producing any trash, but San Carlos, CA is suing 53-year-old Eddie House for canceling his garbage service. House says he recycles most about everything by driving to the recycling center himself, gives food scraps to his dog, sells larger items or gives them away on craigslist, and burns his backyard clippings. Reports The Examiner: “House says he stopped his service with Allied Waste about a year ago after realizing that his garbage cans were nearly always empty. “It’s just me and my dog, so I don’t have a whole lot of garbage to begin with and I recycle everything,” he said.” Town ordinance requires that everyone contract with Allied Waste for at least once a week pickup. The city says they were alerted to the situation after neighbors complained he was burning garbage (a not-so-very green move). House says he was only burning firewood. “I don’t understand a city ordinance that requires you to fill up a can. That’s downright foolishness,” said Mr. House.

City sues man for canceling trash service [The Examiner] (Thanks to Nathan!)