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Sprint Consumerist Hotline Success Story:

I just wanted to thank you for the Sprint Consumerist Hotline (703-433-4401). I called today to deal with an issue with my new contract.

I had upgraded to a newer Treo in December and also upgraded my plan (it’s so easy to blow through a text message plan when one is stuck in traffic on the bus ride home). However, when my bill arrived, my new “$5.00 for 300 text messages per month” plan was nowhere to be found, but a charge of $20.40 for an extra 102 text messages (over my allotted 100) was on there.

I called the Sprint Consumerist Hotline. I was ready to force myself to keep my cool (yes, I read all your customer service tips), but it wasn’t even necessary. The woman I spoke with was courteous and helpful. She corrected my plan (without extending my contract) and waived the $20.40.

Thank you, Consumerist. I hit your site all the time and was thrilled to be able to put what I’ve learned to use.