GTA San Andreas "Hot Coffee" Settlement Offers $5 To Soothe Your Injured Mind

Horribly offended by the GTA: San Andreas “Hot Coffee” mod in which you could (help, help) indulge in crude polygon sex? Great. You’re being offered a $5 cash settlement.

GTA: San Andreas’ developer has set up a website detailing the compensation one can expect to receive. The more detailed proof you have, the better your cash reward.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas First Edition Disc gets you a replacement disc. All other kinds of proof:

Detailed Store Receipt Cash payment up to $35.00
General Credit Card Statement or Check Cash payment up to $17.50
Disc/Purchase Details Cash payment up to $10.00
No Disc/Purchase Details Cash payment up to $5.00

To give your word that you totally really did have the game click here.

GTA Settlement
Hot Coffee [Wikipedia]

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