Who Signed Me Up For This? MovieTickets.com "Shopper Discount" Strikes Again

Reader Dave writes:

I noticed a WLI*SHOPPERDISCOUNT pending transaction on my card today and thought there was something odd about it. I was right. I called and supposedly they have a refund on the way, but the guy on the other line had obviously had this call a million times before. Someone needs to nail these guys to the wall. It’s a total scam. The worst part is that a legitimate site (in this case movietickets.com) was totally complicit. The guy told me that I had authorized the transaction. I vaguely remember something about a “$10 off next purchase!” box when i bought movie tickets a month ago, but there was never any indication that I was signing up for a service or making an additional purchase. He said they sent an email that said they were going to bill me, but I assume that ended up in my junk email box with the rest of the scams. Someone needs to do something about this one. Lots of people are getting nailed, based on some cursory googling.

There’s currently a class action lawsuit going on against Web Loyalty, Dave, so rest assured—someone is trying to stop them. On the bright side, consumers who find that they’ve been charged for this crap can contact Web Loyalty and receive a full refund, which they will happily give.

It should be noted that whenever we write about this company, someone from their PR team contacts us for a “correction.” Don’t aggravate your carpal tunnel, lady, we’re not changing the post.

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