Sensor Detects If You Move Anything On Minibar, Charges You

Upgrade: Travel Better writes that hotels are using motion sensors and scales to charge you if you even move an item from your room’s minibar. Here is what one such device looks like at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. Say you want to check out the nutritional information on the package. Or look at it. Or you pick one up and change your mind. You could get charged an extra $100 for food you didn’t even eat. The safest bet is to just not touch the hotel minbar. Or even think about it. No doubt they’re working on sensors to detect that and charge you for it as well.

That’s just one of many annoying hidden hotel fees. Here’s 10 others and how to beat them.

Be careful not to touch anything at the Wynn Las Vegas [Upgrade: Travel Better]
(Photo: Five Hundy by Midnight Podcast)

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