30 Free Ebooks On Personal Finance

Mint has gathered 30 of what they consider the best free personal finance ebooks around, grouped into categories like “Basics,” “Saving & Investing,” and “Security & Privacy.” We like this free ebook concept—every time we post a list of great finance books, we think about the whole crazy self-help industry, with its sales pitch that you can improve your lot in life if you just spend twenty more dollars. Download these PDF files and keep your money for other things.

We’ve sorted these e-Books into specific categories, along with a brief description we’ve written up on each of them. Everything is in PDF format, so if an e-Book strikes your fancy, consider downloading a copy by right-clicking on the link, then clicking “Save As.”

Just in case you don’t have time, the top e-Book in each category is our Minty Pick. Happy reading!

“30 Free eBooks To Learn Everything You Want to Know About Personal Finance” [Mint blog]
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  1. no.no.notorious says:

    thank you!

  2. Ben wrote about this last year:

  3. lizzybee says:

    I’m sorry– I’m trying not to laugh hysterically at MINT advising people about privacy and security. And I’m failing. Miserably.