Top Posts Of The Week

CompUSA Refuses To Accept Cash
“I start counting out hundred dollar bills and the clerk goes nuts! “Sir, we don’t accept cash for this kind of purchase! You must use a credit card!” she says at the top of her lungs. (I see her also hit a button on the phone at the same time.)”

Why Does My Cable Company Force Me To Subscribe To All These Stupid Channels?
“You’re probably convinced that there’s a huge conspiracy going on to get you to pay for a bunch of crap you don’t want. You might be right.”

5 Most Complained About Airlines In November
“Wow, you guys really hated airlines in November. Complaints against airlines jumped 37% in November as compared to last year.”

Xbox 360 Breaks Down 5 Times In A Row, But Microsoft Refuses To Replace It
“In the past year, it’s been out of commission for over 12 weeks total. He’s now asking for a new or refurbished unit, or else a refund, but Microsoft is determined to keep him in an extended warranty repair cycle indefinitely and won’t negotiate.”

Shank Found Inside Mattel Polly Pocket Toy
“A “shank” (a blade wrapped in electrical tape, to be exact) was found inside a sealed Polly Pocket toy purchased at Walmart.”