Is Dell's Pricey (Project) Red PC A Ripoff?

Over at Engadget there is a debate going on about Microsoft and Dell’s collaboration on a (Project) Red XPS PC that is $300 more than the standard XPS, with $80 going towards AIDS relief.

The controversy comes from the fact that the $300 “upgrade” to the standard system is for Microsoft software only—leading some to conclude that the world would be better off if you just donated the $300 to charity, rather than spending it on a (Project) Red PC that comes with expensive software you may not need and can find cheaper elsewhere.

Not to rag on a charities, but these are the things that everyone should think about before making a donation or a purchase that “benefits charity.” Some people will probably want and value the software (and the pretty red computer) and think it’s a good deal. Other people will disagree. Ultimately, it’s your money.

Dell’s XPS One (PRODUCT) RED is a charitable rip off [Engadget]

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