Is Expedia Censoring Negative Reviews?

Christopher Elliott has an interesting post about an Expedia customer ran into trouble getting his negative review posted to the site. Bob, the customer in question, says:

Expedia flatly refused to post my review. I have followed their rules, but they have repeatedly told me they won’t post it because I’m not following the rules. They will not tell me which rule I didn’t follow.

I firmly believe Expedia has a policy to not post unflattering reviews of properties they represent.

Bob’s review concerned a dispute with the hotel over amenities and accused Expedia itself of inaccuracy. Expedia responded:

Due to the nature of the information he provided regarding inaccuracy on the hotel infosite (the information pages with detailed information about each ESR hotel we offer), his review was temporarily declined so that we could verify the information he provided and make necessary changes to infosite. His review was in queue for approval but has been expedited and should be up on the site.

It looks like Expedia treated this particular review as a complaint and checked it out before posting it, which seems reasonable.

Has anyone else run into trouble getting their negative reviews posted?

Is Expedia censoring negative comments about its resorts?

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