S&P thinks Sprint will continue to hemorrhage customers in 2008. “Because management faces significant challenges in improving operations, we do not expect a reversal of these negative operating trends in 2008,” S&P said in a statement. [BusinessWeek]


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  1. Jon Parker says:

    They’re getting ready to hemorrage my business, after being reasonably happy with them for years. They’ve changed their web site, the log-ins and my due date without notification. Then my phone was shut off without warning over a $7 overdue balance. I got it back on and got an apology, but then had to call again to get a charge to restore service (which I was told wouldn’t be charged) removed.

    I actually typed up the story and was going to send it to Consumerist, but it was so long and convoluted that it didn’t seem worthwhile. I really try very hard to be polite to CS reps, but I almost lost it when they kept referring to these horrible and annoying changes as an “upgrade.”

    Looks like when my contract is up I will be getting that iPhone after all.

  2. mainfr4me says:

    They lost mine this week when I switched to Helio. Yes, they use Sprint’s network, but it was never their network that I didn’t like. It was my bill continually went up! Grr. So far though, I’m happy with my switch (dropped my bill 15 bucks a month, and more of everything I had and didn’t have before).

    Sprint: Please do something innovative, new, something to attract customers other than unlimited texting for 10 bucks a month. How about real service?

    PS – The stories here with the get-out-of-Sprint-free card that I had lost when I got mine and the executive phone line helped a bunch.

  3. felixgolden says:

    As a long-time customer, I am fed up as well. I also like the network, but CSR’s drive me crazy. My bill jumped yet again this month with no change in usage. I’m getting charged tax in 3 counties in 2 different states – PLUS the new “fees” – almost $18 total. I called in because I was having trouble logging in online. The CSR proceeded to answer any questions I asked with a yes or no – even when they weren’t those type of questions. So I had to change all my questions to yes/no. She still kept on insisting I go to the website. Fed up, but being very genial and polite, I told her that I was willing to cancel my account go to another carrier even if I had to pay the ETF fee, because it would still cost me less over the next year.

  4. ogman says:

    It’s simple really; if you tell your customers to leave, they will. WTF do they teach these idiots in business school anyway?

  5. toobadsprint says:


  6. Chairman-Meow says:

    @toobadsprint: Well since you announced that using all capital letters, I guess it must be true.

  7. aaronk says:

    @Jon Parker: Why not use your Get Out of Sprint Free Card here?
    Worked for 2 people I know by calling the Consumerist hotline. One person had no problem by just calling the Consumerist hotline for Sprint Executive Customer Service and the second person was able to get out of their contract ETF free after a few calls to the hotline. Give it a shot. I know firsthand that it works!

  8. aaronk says:

    This link includes the phone number and might help, too…

  9. Prince of Zemunda says:

    So when are they going to start pro-rating their ETF?

  10. theblackdog says:

    I seriously hope that with Sprint offering $10 a month for unlimited texting to any network that Verizon will offer a similar deal in the future soon. I keep coming close to me limit thanks to texting the boyfriend who is on AT&T.

  11. yoursupervisorplease says:

    A hemorrhage does not even describe what 2008 is going to look like for Sprint. I am a Sprint subscriber, have been for two years, and the moment that the second generation iPhone is on sale I will jump the sinking ship along with everyone else. I really don’t understand Sprint’s mentality when it comes to long standing customers, its all about offering them a small discount to stay for two more years. If a customer has been around for five years (through the bad, really bad, and really really bad times) they are not going to leave now. Sprint (as well as many major companies) need to learn to give back a little, like a free cellphone with no strings attached, just because, to keep people loyal.

  12. camas22 says:

    @yoursupervisorplease: just because isn’t a viable business reason.

    Sprint SERO is slowly gaining visibility, and it is the only fairly priced plan although it is hidden and the instant anyone in the stores finds out your on sero it gets you treated like you have the plague. If sprint, swaps spectrum with google after the 700mhz auction, and offers up a cheaper public plan like sero I think they could turn around net subscriber numbers.