Toy Makers Refuse To Recall Leaded Toys

Several toy makers are refusing to issue recalls for their toys, even though tests have proved they contain over 500 times the legal limit for lead. One says that it’s leadly charm bracelets are not toys and therefore not subject to toy rules. Ty, which famously makes Beanie Babies, is refusing to pull “Jammin’ Jenna,” because while state law bans vinyl toys with more lead than 600 parts per million limit, the federal law doesn’t – an argument that won’t go over well with the attorney general’s office, or parents.

Toymaker fights state recall [Chicago Tribune]


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  1. shadow735 says:

    nice, well on the up side the human race wont have to deal with global warming because they will all be dead or dying from lead poisoning, lets make some toys with hig levels of mercury too!!!

  2. cobaltthorium says:

    Mercury makes you crazy – then people will be nuts enough to buy shitty toys.

  3. bobpence says:

    You’re making $3 toys, not $30k automobiles. Do you really want to deal with dozens of separate state regulatory regimes? Hundreds of city and county requirements?

  4. nutrigm says:

    How about ordering your kids to stop sucking G.I. Joe and wash their hands before eating food? Is that too difficult?

  5. DrGirlfriend says:

    Ahh, technicalities!

  6. TMurphy says:

    I think they should simply be required to put tags on the toys saying they contain x amount of lead, if they intend to keep them on the shelves. That way it doesn’t cost them as much as a recall, and it eliminates people being uninformed because their local newspaper didn’t cover the issue.

  7. The Great Aussie Evil says:

    Kill the little kids and don’t claim responsibility- ahh, toy corps!

  8. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    @nutrigm: Wow yeah how about not? I don’t think my 15 month old will obey an order to not put anything in thier mouth. You know umm all little kids do that. I would prefer not having to worry about what they can play with because of something easily avoidable like lead paint. I try to buy as many unpainted and natural toys as possible. But you can’t help getting some that are made in china. Almost all the toys for 3 and under are made there. It took me a long time of searching around town to find toys made here.

  9. Buran says:

    @bobpence: If you want to be in that business, you don’t have a choice. You can’t just go ignoring laws you don’t like and expect to get off scot-free. Doesn’t matter if it just cost $3.

  10. marsneedsrabbits says:


    Yes, but you are making millions of them. How hard is it to just leave the lead out?

  11. dgcaste says:

    @nutrigm: Idiots like you are the ones that are endangering kids. Accidents happen, asshole, and unsafe toys are a catalyst for disaster.

  12. dgcaste says:

    I hope those execs get a lead dildo shoved down their throats.

  13. NotATool says:

    Greed makes the world go ’round. Say the non-lead paint costs you $0.01 more per piece than leaded paint. Make 10,000,000 items in your production run, using leaded paint. You will put $100,000 in your pocket from that decision alone. If they think they can get away with it, they will. It also helps to not have a conscience.

  14. RollOverForMore says:

    I wonder which genius at Ty decided that it would be better not to pull the toys and bring on the ire of protective parents. “Recall vs. boycott, hmm, which will cost us more?”

  15. Primate says:

    How did I ever survive my childhood. ;(

  16. mikelotus says:

    @nutrigm: clearly your comment shows that it didn’t stop you from digesting lead as a child.

  17. lovelygirl says:

    I suppose if they recall all the products with lead in them, there won’t be anything left in the toy stores. They’ll recall them if parents make a big stink over it. They’ll be forced to if parents get together and start demanding something be fixed.

  18. goodkitty says:

    This is the disturbing trend I’m seeing. Companies really just don’t care anymore. They know, from experience, that no matter how awful, overpriced, or ridiculous their “service” or product is, people will still buy it, or be forced to buy it due to corporate consolidation. The people in politics seem to have learned this little fact a long time ago. Screw everyone over, wait for the screaming to subside, repeat.

  19. dgcaste says:

    @goodkitty: Especially since the news does a poor job in releasing information like this into homes, unless it’s built up a lot of momentum, it’s a great story, or we just get lucky. Seriously though, this seems like the subject matter for a good chunk of news at 10PM.