Ode To The Costco Baggers

Jeanie writes:

I don’t know where I should be sending this but I wanted to compliment two excellent Costco employees. This was Friday, January 18th at the Roseville, CA store on Stanford Ranch Road. The checker was Marilyn, who was fast, efficient and friendly.

Very pleasant personality. The young man assisting, bagging, etc. was named Pierce. What a fast-working guy. He had items off the belt and into the carts in the blink of an eye. All the while being friendly and extremely efficient. He was quick but careful in not slamming things around.

I think great employees should be told of the appreciation we have for them in doing such a good job. I believe these two employees are a credit to this store.

Jeanie R.
Lincoln, CA

Sometimes it’s the little things like swift packing of a customer’s bags that make all the difference in turning a decent shopping experience into a great one. Well-paid consultants call this “the last mile,” and it’s often where companies fall down in their customer service. We just call it, “hey, thanks.” Kudos to you, Costco of Roseville CA. We don’t buy butter by the railroad car, but if we did, we would certainly frequent your fine establishment.

(Photo: miss_rogue)

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