Launch An ACS EECB

Here are email addresses you can use to launch an EECB (executive email carpet bomb) against ACS, a student lending company that’s a subsidiary of PNC bank.,, ,,,,,,

Here’s how to launch an executive email carpet bomb.


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  1. TheRay07 says:

    First of all, ACS isn’t a subsidiary of PNC Bank, or anyone else for that matter. It’s entirely independent and even a publicly traded company.

    Secondly, it’s in the outsourcing business. They do another’s company’s business for them. Sending them an EECB is just going to make them redirect all that noise to whoever is paying the bills.

    I don’t know enough about why this was posted to suggest who to talk to instead, but taking it up with ACS is going to do as much good as yelling at the doorman when you can’t get a hold of Steve Jobs.

  2. DrTweeker says:

    You might note that is an outsourced provider (they have call centers and customer services reps, and outsource them to other companies).

    Their clients include priceline, Sprint, & some other places too – so I don’t really think that is your culprit here, they’re just an outsourced firm, not a student lending company.

  3. loganmo says:

    they actually did serve as the loan originator for PNC , my credit report showed the lender as “acs/PNC” I did try resolving through pnc first and was told that acs was the lender and I’d have to go through them. But good point they are not part of pnc they are just a sub-lender

  4. galatae says:

    Really? Our student loans are all managed by ACS, who conveniently changes the rate every payment. Bad terms on our part, but almost paid off, so what do you do.

  5. DrTweeker says:

    are you sure it’s ? take a look at their services here: []

    The company in question for this post might be ‘ACS’ however i don’t think it’s the same company that lives at

  6. loganmo says:

    It is the same company…however, [] is the url for the division that does student loans. FYI, I know because I am the one that used the EECB!

  7. loganmo says:

    It is the same company. The URL for the Education division, though, is [] I am certain as I am the person who used the EECB.