Walmart is offering $10 gift cards to gamers whose pre-orders for Super Smash Bros. Brawl were unexpectedly canceled.


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  1. punkrawka says:

    Good on them… I’d qualify this as above an beyond. I placed an order for Smash Bros. even knowing it was 90% likely to get cancelled, and I wasn’t that upset that it was, since it was a clear price mistake. This is a good gesture on Wal-Mart’s part.

  2. mac-phisto says:

    slightly o/t, but i was in target the other day & they’re offering free xbox skins with a gta pre-order. remember when places like gamestop & eb used to do that? free swag with preorder? i didn’t even get the poster the door promised me for gh3.

    now you can’t even buy a new game at one of these stores unless you preorder it.

    & then wal-mart comes along & does something like this? WOW. do you need another reason to try somewhere else first?

  3. Fry says:

    For anyone that was joining me in the debate in the original topic (mostly those debating against me), just a simple “I told you so”, since the cards were not charged, any holds were removed, and now even all the people that tried to take advantage of the error got something as well as all the people that innocently placed the order.

  4. KiLE says:

    The $10 is definitely above and beyond. With this and the environmental article, they might actually give a damn what the public thinks.

  5. Half Beast says:

    Good for Walmart. Pricing errors are dicey situations, and based on typical retail policy (or at least, most I’ve seen) stores usually absolve themselves of any liability when they F’ it up.


  6. zibby says:

    I’d rather have a nice 2L Pepsi.

  7. mbuna says:

    I was surprised by this, and really appreciate the extra effort they went to. I have a giftcard from them in my inbox without having to ask for it. I may choose them over target next time I need some furnace filters or a 3-pack of Hanes boxer briefs. :)

  8. I got my $10 GC. only complaint is that it’s online only (and thus would have to spend more than $10 to use it)

    walmart’s not a dummy when it comes to marketing schemes

  9. coren says:

    @Fry: 10 dollars for what amounted to a 30 dollar discount PER game (and only one card per customer) is hardly an I told you so, nor does anything here back up the other statements you’re making about not being charged, shipping, tax, etc.

  10. Fry says:

    @coren: How about you trying reading the Kotaku site as well? Many people have posted their e-mails in the comments there, including mentions of no charges for shipping or tax and holds being removed. If you read the other comments on this site, you’d see that most consumers were being dishonest about the error anyways. $10 for trying to rip off the company? The customers are lucky to have gotten anything.