CDW Takes The Ethical Treatment Of Chimpanzees Seriously


WHAT: PETA doesn’t like it when chimpanzees are used in advertising. (Shocking, we know.)

WHERE: CDW advertisement assailed by animal rights group [Crain’s Chicago Business]

THE QUOTE: “We take their concerns seriously and will keep it mind in future campaigns,” the CDW spokesman said.

BONUS QUOTE: “Those smiles are actually fear grimaces,” said a PETA spokesperson.


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  1. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    Sweet Jesus I wish all these animal rights nutjobs would leave us alone. I don’t condone unnecessary violence or harm to animals but damn they aren’t being hurt in the comercial. Chimps like people and they are being rewarded and treated well I sure by thier trainers. Mistreated animals don’t perform as well or look as healthy.

  2. Major-General says:

    Does anyone actually pay attention to PETA?

  3. TechnoDestructo says:

    Someone actually takes PETA seriously?

  4. MercuryPDX says:

    “Those smiles (from chimpanzees) are actually fear grimaces,” said a PETA spokesperson.

    Yes… pay no attention to the trainer who is off-camera cuing the monkey to “Be afraid… be very afraid.” for pile of monkey kibble.

  5. Half Beast says:

    This story makes me FEAR GRIMACE…

  6. rasdsm says:

    I fear Grimace as well. Damned purple nightmare.

  7. ChewySquirrel says:

    Makes sense, when I’m scared i order office supplies!

  8. @Major-General: not even self respecting vegetarians/vegans…

  9. canerican says:

    My cousin is a wacky vegan and she loves PETA. She has also stopped shaving her legs so she “doesn’t conform to society’s standards” So I’m not sure whether or not to take her seriously.

  10. lizzybee says:

    Just when I think the PETA whackjobs can’t get any screwier, this happens. There’s nothing at all wrong with this ad.

    ~a San Francisco liberal

  11. yg17 says:

    Why isn’t PETA throwing a fit over the fact that a chimpanzee is being used to preside over our country?

  12. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    People for the Eating of Tasty Animals.

  13. Myotheralt says:

    People for Eating Tasty Animals

  14. MercuryPDX says:

    @yg17: Because they will step over a dying person in the street to help an injured pigeon. People do not factor into their equation, and in most of their morality plays, people are the enemy.

  15. jwissick says:

    What does flat bread care about chimps??

  16. TechnoDestructo says:


    Yeah, Grimace is fucking creepy.

  17. Firstborn Dragon says:

    If they were so serious about it, they wouldn’t have used them in the first place.

    In regards to the protection? The so called ‘protection agency’ for animals don’t even COVER all filming, and in fact, don’t always bother to deal with issues.

    In Flica horses died, but they STILL got the approval of the organization that is supposed to protect animals? Further more this animal humain group is in close contact with the film organization.

    I just found this out today about the situation of great apes in movies and films. And it’s NOT just PITA on about great apes. The last 20 mins or so is all about great apes in show biz.


  18. brent_w says:

    Peta should be taken only slightly less seriously than Greenpeace …
    (because Greenpeace has boats!)

    For reference, Greenpeace should be taken only slightly less seriously than a tiny car full of circus clowns …

  19. banmojo says:

    F$#@ peta, the only peta I can stomach is pita with steaming hot gyros inside — YUM!! Even better when the gyros is a mixture of LAMB AND CHIMPANZEE MEAT :^)

    jkffs, I really don’t care for lamb ;^)

  20. Christopher says:

    My response to the complaint is that, statistically, PETA kills more animals annually than any other non-profit organization, but I digress. I’m sure many of those animals “grinned” in fear, too.

  21. mainfr4me says:

    I have to go back to the Penn and Teller (B.S. season 2) episode on PETA. It’s really true, humans are thought of as lesser in their equations.

    Won’t stop me from laughing at a monkey/wearing leather/eating meat/hunting/owning pets (yes, PETA doesn’t like people to own pets).

  22. debbiedoesdamage says:

    @mercurypdx: Because the trainer, of course, is much more worried about the animal’s well being than getting it to perform as it’s supposed to, right? Animal welfare ALWAYS comes before money when it comes the incredibly ethical people who are in advertising. Right? Get real.

  23. 1964F100 says:

    So PETA goes ape over a few chimps monkeying around in a commercial, yet they plant praise for a fuel-guzzling Chevy Silverado truck just because it’s a “vegetarian?” Something is seriously wrong here… :-)

  24. aixwiz says:

    Actually, I feel for the monkey. After all, he ends up working behind a computer. I feel his pain.

  25. jacobsor says:

    Why is everyone focused on shooting the messenger? Who cares whether you like PETA or not?

    The issue isn’t just whether the chimp is treated well “on the job.” It’s what happens before and after the job ends.

    These are adolescent chimps. Once they grow up, they’re no longer useful (dangerous and no longer cute), so they’re essentially discarded. They either end up being killed or stuck in a “sanctuary” for the rest of their lives (typically a small cage.)


  26. edwardso says:

    @Nemesis_Enforcer: If chimps liked working with humans they wouldn’t have to stop using them when they reached maturity and could beat the hell out of their trainers. Chimps have a complex social structure and can easily become depressed when they are not with other chimps

  27. rdldr1 says:

    PeTA needs to DIE! In the meantime, I’m going to eat all the animals i can.

  28. EtherealStrife says:

    @PETA: less hate more nudity!

  29. xJake says:


    Part one of Penn and Teller’s Bullshit on PETA

  30. Anonymous says:

    People who don’t take animal welfare seriously are ignorant and self righteous. Why should any animal be captured from the wild, kept in a cage, and used as entertainment for a pointless commercial that no one cares about. I’m actually surprised by the complete lack of concern in these posts. People like you are why people from PETA don’t care about humans. Because your ignorant.

  31. cosby says:

    Peta claims that conditions are generally unfavorable to animals featured in commercials yet didn’t really have any proof to go on. One would think they 97% of animals peta took in during the 06 year that were killed would have less favorable conditions then the chimp in the ad. The meat freazer they store the animals they kill in would also be less favorable then the cage the chimp goes back into.

  32. fishiftstick says:

    I’m a proud PETA member (People Eating Tasty Animals). My favorite animal is beef.

    Anyone who thinks animals have rights has obviously never observed them in nature.

    Nobody seems to object when ads show cruel and sadistic treatment of humans.

  33. @fishiftstick: thats because its obviously fake. if people saw cruel and sadistic animal treatment on TV most would be appalled and really what it comes down to is “don’t ask, don’t tell” as far as where food comes from. your comment about animals in nature makes no sense and is irrelevant, factory farming is far from what happens in “nature” and if you’ve ever seen a wild animal yourself you’ll see they have free will and choice whereas a captured or farmed animal clearly does not.

  34. t0fu says:

    PETA: people eating tasty animals

  35. Javert says:

    Wow. If there is one way to get your message totally screwed it is by getting PETA to be your spokesperson. Yes, let us listen to a group that sponsors and gives money to criminals. Yes, listen to the group that has killed far many more animals than Mr. Vick.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you all get educated before you make ignorant comments.

    good example: []

  37. rikkus256 says:

    I am so sick of those PETA people. They need to stop eating porks and beefs first themselves before pointing fingers on others.

  38. rikkus256 says:

    @melanie.dawn: And why are you eating beefs, porks, and chickens?

  39. Anonymous says:


    This excuse is used over and over and over. I don’t get it. I just don’t. If you all care about people so much, then saying ‘We shouldn’t try to stop animal cruelty because people eat meat and thats cruel’ is the same as saying ‘I shouldn’t stop beating my wife because there is human suffering all over the world.’

  40. polyeaster says:

    I know that PETA is pretty nuts, but the fact still remains that chimps/monkeys/etc are not treated properly, are often used for profit, and it’s not right. I really wish that ppl would stop focusing on PETA’s antics and for a moment take seriously the fact that alot of these animals are being mistreated for financial gain, and there are very few credible organizations out there doing something to stop it.