Top Posts Of The Week

Best Buy Forbids You From Buying Assassin’s Creed, Insists You’re Buying It For A Minor
“The Best Buy cashier then came back and shouted that I’m purchasing a video game for a minor in front of everyone in line behind me and her fellow cashiers. She even had the nerve to ask, “Is that even your brother with you?!”

Microsoft Customer Service Calls Back 10 Years Later
“On 1/8/08, 10 years after he placed a call to Microsoft tech support, they called Brian back to see if his problem had been resolved.”

Nobody Knows What This Pillow Is Made Of
“I had a pillow that says ‘contains textiles of 100% unknown kind’ on that tag… Used underpants? Human hair?”

6 Confessions Of A Former RadioShack Employee
“Just stay away from the parts drawer, the cell phone display, the satellite radio counter, the iPod accessories area, and the cable/ battery row , and you might even have a good time.”

Someone From Arkansas Is Selling Wiis For Only $99!!!
“Quick, type in all of your credit card information before he runs out of inventory! Omgwtf $99 Wiis!”