Best Buy Private Label Digital Photo Frame Ships With Trojan Pre-Installed

Engadget reports that they have a leaked internal memo from Best Buy about a digital photo frame that shipped with a Trojan pre-installed

Here’s the memo:

Earlier this month, it came to our attention that some units of the Insignia 10.4-inch digital photo frame (SKU 8483866) have a known Trojan virus. This virus was pre-installed during the manufacturing process. It affects only Windows applications and will only be initiated if the digital picture frame is connected to a PC via a USB cable. Customers who have not connected the digital picture frame to a PC, or those who have updated anti-virus software should be fully protected.

While the virus is old and is easily removed from the picture frame by up-to-date anti-virus software, all units were pulled from shelves the first week of January as a precautionary measure to protect our customers. Those units will be returned via the standard warehouse send back process and the model is now discontinued. Once a solution has been tested and confirmed, a letter will be sent to customers who purchased the product. Geek Squad employees have instructions to resolve the issue in the meantime. If a customer returns one of these units to your store or has questions or concerns about a virus, please direct them to the Geek Squad. Please note: No other Insignia digital picture frame products are affected by this issue.

A recall might have been appropriate here. Just a suggestion.

Infection alert: Insignia 10.4-inch photo frame kindly bundled with trojan [Engadget] (Thanks, Steven!)

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