Worst Business Reply Postcard Ever

Can you spot what’s wrong with this Business Reply postcard? That’s right, The Huntsville Times wants you to write down your full contact information and credit card number on a postcard and send it through the mail where anyone can see it. Hellooooo, identity theft.

badhunts.jpgHere is the email tipster Clinton sent to the newspaper:

Dear Huntsville Staff,

I purchased the Sunday Paper today and began reading it. In amongst the paper, was a Business Reply Card from the Huntsville Times with a subscription special. I was considering the offer when I noticed that response asked for a Credit Card Number, Exp Date, and Signature. While this is not uncommon to be sent for postal purchases, I have never seen it on a business reply card that has not even the security of an envelope. Anyone who picks up the BRC now has your credit card information and can go shopping.

In these days of personal ID theft, I think you should case requesting CC information on Business Reply Cards and write a notice in the paper not to use the BRC in conjunction with your CC information.

As good stewards, I think this approach is only prudent.

And here is their response:

Mr. Wylie,

First of all let me say a personal thank you for purchasing a Sunday paper and voicing your concern on the rack reply card. Your points on credit card thief are VERY valid and over looked on our part. You are correct on the issues. In creating this form we did not intend to be so careless on protecting our future customer’s information. I am looking at re-working our forms now. I would like to offer you a two week free subscription of our everyday delivery and ask you to consider subscribing to The Huntsville Times. After the two free weeks, you can pay $20 for 20 weeks delivery of the Sunday paper, which will save you $.50 per Sunday copy, not to mention the time it takes you to go buy on out of the rack. Just let me know and I can get it set up for you.

Thanks again for the insight; I promise I will get it taken care of.

Darren T. Mack
Sales and Promotions Manager

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