11 Tips For Making Extra Money

Would you like to make some extra income in 2008? So would I. I’m on a quest to earn an additional $10,000 this year above and beyond the typical cost-of-living adjustment I expect from my job. And to get kick-started, I’ve listed 11 ways to earn extra money including tips on getting a higher salary, starting side businesses, and even doing simple things like maximizing investments and checking to see if you’re due any money from abandoned accounts. For one thing, consider turning your hobby into an extra income. This could be anything from starting your own website to monetizing your artistic penchant to launching your own blog to creating crafts to whatever.

I’ve done this with my hobby of writing. I’ve sold somewhere around 160 financial and business/marketing articles in the past ten years, earning me around $60,000 total. I have friends who’ve done the following: turned their love of cycling into a part-time job of repairing and maintaining bikes, turned their love of hunting and art into making decorative hunting knives that sell nicely at flea markets, and turning their love of baking into a side business selling high-end cookware. Is there something you love doing that could earn you some extra money?”

Doing what you love and making some extra cash. Sounds like a good gig if you can get it.

Do you have any plans to make some extra money in 2008?

11 Great Ways to Earn More Money [Free Money Finance]
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