TV Breaks Right After The Warranty Expired? Call Your Credit Card Company

Reader Brendan’s TV decided to die right after the manufacturer’s warranty expired. He tried asking Polaroid to extend the warranty. (They wouldn’t.) He tried getting the TV repaired. (Too expensive.) Not knowing what else to do, he sent us a 1,000-ish-word-long complaint detailing the frustrations one could expect when dealing with Polaroid. (It was very well written.)

We replied:

Did you purchase the TV with a credit card? If so, you should check to see if your card has extended warranty protection.

Brendan replied:

Holy Crap, thank you! I called my credit card company (Master Card). After a little phone run around I was told they automatically double any manufacturer warranty. I answered a few questions and i’m covered! I’m sure the paperwork is going to be a bit of a pain, but woohoo!

Thank you Consumerist, you guys rock.

Technically, it’s extended warranty protection that rocks, but hey—we’ll take it.


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