Morning Deals

  • Shirt.Woot: Cute “I Love Sushis” shirt for $10
  • Amazon: Free one-month trial of Amazon Prime (free 2-day shipping, $3.99 overnight shipping, no order minimums)
  • Apple: Refurbished Macs at Apple Store from $429 shipped
  • Highlights From Bargainist

  • 50% off any one item coupon
  • American Eagle: Winter Clearance up to 60% off
  • Harry & David: Limited Time Chocolate Sale save up to 40%
  • Highlights From Dealhack

  • Old Navy: Save up to 75% off Clothing During Winter Clearance
  • Dell Business: Dell Vostro 1500 15.4-inch Widescreen Intel Core 2 Duo Notebook PC $579 Shipped
  • Newegg: A-Data Turbo 8GB SDHC Card $34 Shipped
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    1. Myotheralt says:

      The Des Moines Register Target flyer has a Sony 1GB usb drive for $10. actual milage may vary.

      btw, does anyone know where I can get a cheap ide 2.5″ hdd? size around 40-50gb

    2. tange1 says:

      I think the amazon prime thing only applies if you haven’t already been offered a trial of amazon prime. I had a long 3 or 6 month (I forget) trial when it first came out. Now I’ve not been offered a trial since.

    3. MameDennis says:

      I think you’re right–I tried the link, and I got a page of info on signing up at full price. I enjoyed the trial period I had, but I’m generally happy with the speed of free shipping.

    4. Ben Popken says:

      @tange1: I read that if you use a different credit card than the first time, you can get it again.

    5. @Ben Popken: Look at Popken wheelin’ and dealin’ for us :-)

    6. Chongo says:

      Amazon prime is worth it if you order alot of stuff… the only problem is I can’t figure out how to filter ONLY amazon prime items.

      Still, I saved easily 200 or more last year

    7. Boy Howdy says:

      @Chongo: Quick and dirty method that someone mentioned and I’ve been using, is to use “” as a search term.

      So, for instance, I was looking for a digital voice recorder last night, and the search query I used was “digital voice recorder”. It does a pretty good job of only getting Amazon Prime-eligible items, and I don’t think it’s leaving out any items that would be eligible (but I’m too lazy to verify).

    8. Chongo says:

      @Boy Howdy: Good idea!

    9. mopar_man says:

      I’ll have to get in on that Prime deal.

      Looks like the Apple site is down now.

    10. jeff303 says:

      @Boy Howdy: also on Google you can do “digital voice recorder” ([]), which will search for “digital voice recorder” on all sites whose domain ends with Almost the same thing but a bit more precise.