Canceling Your MySpace Account Is F$%!@&*# Impossible

Reader Julian can’t figure out how to cancel his MySpace account.

He’s been trying for days with disappointing results:

I have tried 5-6 times in the last 3 days to cancel my MySpace account, and they don’t appear to be allowing me to do so. Are they that worried about losing people to Facebook?

On their website, I was able to go through the “cancel account” rigmarole, only to be told that they would send me an email in which I there would be a URL I had to click on, in order to confirm my desire to cancel. I have not received any such emails from them, despite repeated attempts — not in my In Box, not in my Spam folder, nowhere.

I have sent two messages to customer service; the first one I got back an automated message telling me to follow the steps on their website that I had already done, and the second time I got an automated message saying someone would get back to me. That was a couple days ago.

You know, Consumerist itself had this problem once. The solution? We (actually, it was Ben,) uploaded porn to our profile over and over again until MySpace finally deleted it. We win.

How Do I Delete My Account? [MySpace]

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