Sprint is laying off several thousand employees, says the Wall Street Journal. Yeah, you know, if there’s one word that always springs to mind when we think of Sprint it’s “overstaffed.” [WSJ]


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  1. youbastid says:

    Wait, didn’t they just hire 10,000 employees like, a month ago??

  2. photomikey says:

    Not often do I literally LOL. When I read this… LOL!

  3. jordy777 says:

    You laugh out loud when people lose their jobs?

  4. dotyoureyes says:

    Maybe they’re just firing the entire first tier of phone support, since those CSRs weren’t authorized to do anything in the first place.

    Sprint Logic: If all calls land at tier 2, just get rid of tier 1!

    Better logic: If all calls land at tier 2, empower and train tier 1 to solve problems.

  5. HappyCustomer says:

    Their turnover was already incredible. I have been a Sprint customer for 10 years, maybe. And, my son, who has a Sprint account, used to pay his bill at the Sprint store once a month when he and I had lunch together. Never once have I seen a person at the Sprint store that I have seen before. Not once in 10 years!

  6. BugMeNot2 says:

    why would you go to a store to pay your bill? thats just plain dumb.

  7. deepsprint says:

    A good place to start would be to fire the off shore call centers and replace them with well trained domestic customer service. I have nothing against people from the Philippines. But the quality of service in Sprint’s out-sourced Philippino call centers is abysmal and is a big part of why they are bleeding customers like a punctured artery.

  8. Ben Popken says:

    My colleague’s sentiments aside, I think this is a good step by Sprint.

  9. unklegwar says:

    Oh please tell me this means they are going out of business. I long for the day when that damned “Badeep” mating call is heard no more. Along with those damned outloud walkie talkie conversations EVERYWHERE.

  10. twoply says:

    Oh so they are Philippino.. that explains how they all have the same accent.

  11. Iknowstuff says:

    It all comes crashing down. Bad business practices. To answer a recent post, they hired 150 to work at customer service. Losing customers is a mixed bag of issues. I am very confident they are going to bounce back strong.
    1. The off shore call centers no matter how low the cost, costs the company. You do not want customers unhappy. But it’s not the issue of what to do now about it. It is the issue of whose decision was it in the first place? Did we not examine the possibility that customers where not going to be happy about this? Did some hot shot from oversees convince some Sprint EXC that their people would be as good as ours in assisting a USA based customer base?
    2. I have visited some areas of the northeast its run like a carnival. Although from what I hear the new management has been putting things back in order in a strong way. Long term positive effect.
    3. CHURN EVERYONE FAVORITE SUBJECT. See the term Churn is the rate of erosion from what % per month your customer base turns off so if you have 50000000 (50mil) customers and your churn is 2% it means that 24% of your customer base of gross acquisitions per year are turning off. If you bring on 5mil customers this year and your base is 50mil before you start and at the end of that year you still have 50mil customers somewhere along the line you lost 5 million 10% year churn roughly .9% churn per month which would be great.
    Sprints’ case is that this year 2008 they are looking to reduce their churn.
    1. Churn is relevant if a subscriber is on for 13days or 13000 days when they leave it counts, so if you can reduce the amount of 0-90day churn it would have an effect. Break up the base by time on, identify that 0-90 is one criteria, 90- 365 is a second, 366- 732-3rd, 763 and great 4th. Keep an eye via the collection department on why is the bill PD? Have a qualified collection department that is bilingual to speak to customers about their billing issues, maybe they misunderstood something day one.
    2. Identify Longstanding customers 732 days and greater. Reach out to them and make sure they are still happy.
    3. Keep an eye out for new customers who’s bills are spiking within the 2nd or 3rd month, it means they may need to further purchase features that they did not originally subscribe to. It’s better to have a long standing happy customer than one you have to chase around in collections. This would reduce churn greatly. Its call involuntary churn, where the carrier itself deactivated the account for nonpayment, although 40% of that 1.4% could be saved as a long term valued customer. So instead of having so 3rd world collection department, have a 1st world collection department that knows how to analyze what the nonpayment issues.
    4. be nice, listen to, people. I must say things have gotten better. Back in the Nextel only days we had 20million people with us based on the fact of the most powerful national Walkie – Talkie Service. After the merger with Sprint now we have the best walkie talkie plus pin-drop cellular service and the fastest data network, so maybe it’s not the product?

    Cingular who is now the new ATT which was the Old ATT came in and basically bought market share and the minute they were #1 they told everyone about it, ever if the service is so-so or whatever the case maybe. Branding has been an issue for Sprint side of things, now the new branding is starting to take effect, you got to roll with, it might also help if a potential consumer cannot find the product in a thrift shop.

    You have a great product bounce back nice and easy, and keep on talking to the 53million people who see greatness in the company, it has been recognized by the 53million as a good thing. There is a lot of media negitivity about all cell phone companies. The truth is the word on the street is that Sprint NEXTEL has great service. I see more and more people from the other networks starting to realize this.

  12. toobadsprint says:

    They layoff, hire, lay off.. Just a more polite way of restructuring where they can’t get rid of the people they want to so do this to avoid may legal cases.