Here Is What This Pillow Is Made Of

Unable to stand the mystery any longer, Matt caved and cut open his pillow that sports a tag saying it contains 100% of “TEXTILE FABRICS OF AN UNKOWN KIND.” Now we know what’s inside these pillows: a heterogeneous mixture of shredded clothing and fabric factory leftovers. Mmm, downy soft sweet dreams. Don’t worry, this isn’t some scam, “Textile fibers of unknown kind” are a legally accepted industry label meaning, “new material consisting of a variety of fibers that has been reduced to a fibrous state.” Still, it’s crazy to think that’s what you might be sleeping on. More pics, inside.



§ 303.14 of the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act says:

Where a textile fiber product is made from miscellaneous scraps, rags, odd lots, secondhand materials, textile by-products, or waste materials of unknown, and for practical purposes, undeterminable fiber content, the required fiber content disclosure may, when truthfully applicable, in lieu of the fiber content disclosure otherwise required by the Act and regulations, indicate that such product is composed of miscellaneous scraps, rags, odd lots, textile by-products, secondhand materials (in case of secondhand materials, words of like import may be used) or waste materials, as the case may be, of unknown or undetermined fiber content

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(Photos: Blitzcat)

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