Need A 2-Liter Bottle Of Pepsi? Just Apply For A Walmart Credit Card!

[January 10, 2008. Albany, New York. Image thanks to Alex!]

This is not funny. This is sad. Very, very sad. They should at least offer Coke.


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  1. goodkitty says:

    The sign is misleading. They obviously show three bottles of delicious Pepsi, when the fine print reads that you only get one.

    Tsk tsk Wal-Mart. I want my extra four liters.

  2. arkangel318 says:

    It could be worse – they could offer Sam’s Choice cola.

  3. North of 49 says:

    oh god. not sam’s choice! anything but sam’s choice! I’ll even drink pepsi!

  4. greenpepper says:

    A whole 89 cent item. Go for it!

    Making that sign must have cost more.

  5. ptkdude says:

    They do this at the K-Mart near me. Probably 99% of their customers are hispanic and don’t really speak English very well. Their signs read “get a free gift” when applying, and the free gift is indeed a 2l bottle of Coke.

  6. clothingoptional says:

    I disagree. This is very funny. The same kind of funny that shiny, new $50K monster trucks inspire when parked in the dirt driveways of trashy double-wides.

  7. DrGirlfriend says:

    Same thing as when they give away free t-shirts at college campuses for applying for a Visa. Getting something — anything — for free appears to be a big incentive.

  8. Coder4Life says:

    They did this at COMPUSA stores too..

    The liquidators are now selling them for 99cents and the pop is expired but it’s still on sale… I wonder how much this tactic works..

  9. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    Well, you don’t have to provide real information. I filled one out with bogus info and got a free duffel bag. Of course, that may not work if they actually ask for some ID to verify what you wrote down. ;-)

  10. Oh God not pepsi please anything but pepsi

  11. bohemian says:

    Walmart and Kmart both do this where I live. It always seems so pathetically sad. Hey, at least JcPenneys tried to bribe you with a set of steak knives back in the 80’s.

  12. navstar says:

    Wow, I can get a free $1.29 product if I get a credit card? ME WANT!!!

  13. madrigal says:

    Do I still have to pay a deposit?

  14. lalala1956 says:

    How can people’s time not be worth more than the time it takes to fill out a CC app and get the free “gift?”

    Ok nevermind, I didn’t notice that it was a 2 liter pepsi. yum yum mmm. Where is the credit card appy

  15. discoparkinglot says:

    The KMart near me offers a $1.00 off COUPON for candy for applying for a card.

  16. marsneedsrabbits says:

    Diet or regular?

  17. designbean says:

    Loblaws offers a free pack of cookies up here. It’s quite sad.

  18. manok says:

    1. Apply for card with fake name
    2. Receive free Pepsi
    3. Return Pepsi
    4. Profit

  19. yg17 says:

    Wow… least Target offers you 10% off your purchase when you sign up

  20. toddiot says:

    I think I love this post’s tag.

  21. Islandkiwi says:

    While it says you have to apply for a credit card, it doesn’t say it has to be theirs. Go in with a Target application and see what happens.

  22. Phildawg says:

    LOL I have seen them do this at Best Buy actually! haha, actually I have seen it at other places to but I forget now. It’s so damn cheezy when you realize how large a kick back the store gets off your application (35-40 dollars???).

  23. bdude says:

    I think the real problem here is the spelling of litre

  24. xugglybug says:

    They should offer Coke, you say? I beg to differ; Pepsi is so much more awesome.

  25. manok says:

    @bdude: good catch!

  26. Squot says:

    @bdude: Except that in the US, the common spelling is liter?

  27. Laffy Daffy says:

    I’m embarrassed to say I did this once or twice in my younger (and obviously more naive) days … never used the credit cards though, just the Pepsi.

  28. aafender says:

    I work at Best Buy, and corporate has been pushing us to sell their new mastercard. Approved applications fetch the store 90 dollars in profit. An additional $30 or so is added on when you add the Account Shield protection.

  29. forgottenpassword says:

    WOW! That’s just about the most pathetic rewards/incentive I ahve ever seen offered for applying for a cradit card!

    I wonder if this promotion idea came down from corporate or just some manager’s idea? I’d like to think the latter, but….

  30. visualbowler says:

    at the store where i work, we at least offer water bottles or wicking tshirts if you sign up for one of our cards and you get a discount on your purchase too. a soda is a pitiful gimmick

  31. rdm24 says:

    Remember when you got a toaster for openning a bank account….?

  32. MoustacheRiders says:

    “Apply for a credit card, or we’ll make you drink a 2-Liter of Pepsi or Diet Pepsi”

    That would actually get some responses, methinks.

  33. ogremustcrush says:

    I’ve been tempted to get an Amazon visa card because of the $30 discount they give you (and points toward Amazon would be actually useful), but a 2-litre jug of pop, damn! I wonder what the statistics are on that card as far as number of late payments, bankruptcies, etc.

  34. slowinthefastlane says:

    Looks like “Fakey Fakerson” at 123 Fake St. is getting a free 2-liter of Pepsi!

  35. Trowble (XBL/PSN) says:

    That’s one offer I can’t refuse.

  36. RisenPhoenix says:

    Make it a 2-litre of Barq’s and you’ve got yourself a sucke- I mean, deal.

  37. Wubbytoes says:

    I’ve seen them give out free cookies for applying. Personally, I would take some cookies over Pepsi.

  38. kalmakazee says:


    Pepsi tastes like crap! Coke all the way. Sorry Walmart I will just have to pass up on your offer. Maybe next time when you serve coke…… ;-)

  39. pine22 says:

    @manok: lol thats a great idea! sadly, i would bet that it worked a few times though…

  40. Megladon says:


    I’ve seen it before, down in florida a few years ago some kiosk at a mall was offering a 24 pack of mt. dew if you applied. It was so odd that i had to go up and ask, turns out you only get the drink IF you get the card, not just for applying.

  41. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    @bohemian: I still have my steak knives from Sears :) from back in the 80s

  42. AyeRoxor says:

    We spell it Liter because that’s how it’s pronounced. We don’t say “LEE-truh” so why spell it Litre?

  43. zibby says:

    They should also give you a little plastic cup so you can celebrate your (potential) credit card with a deep draught (there ya go BDUDE, enjoy) of mmmmm-mmmmm Pepsi.

  44. sonichghog says:

    What is wrong with it. At lest your gettings something. It seems like a good deal to me. Unless you are making well over $90 an hour, and the 1 minute is not worth it.

    But if you were making more that $90 an hour, you probably would not be shopping at a walmart.

  45. Balisong says:

    Darn, now I want some Pepsi. (Pepsi over Coke!)

  46. clevershark says:

    You could save a whole dollar that way! How wonderful…

  47. yg17 says:

    @sonichghog: I don’t think a bottle of soda is worth the negative impact a new credit card could have on your FICO score

  48. erratapage says:

    At least everyone is taking this post in the proper spirit. I’m not sure what is more pathetic… a premium in the form of a 2 liter bottle of pepsi or a walmart credit card.

  49. silverlining says:

    The local K-Mart in my neighborhood (St. Paul, MN) does this too–offer a 2-liter for applying for the K-Mart credit card. (But I think they DO offer Coke. Does that make it better?)

    I’ll see if I can remember to take a photo of the sign next time I’m in the store…

  50. cashmerewhore says:


    Nothing in walmart ever takes just one minute.

  51. coaster.n3rd says:

    Meijer offers this as well with an even better beverage.


  52. dogmaratt says:


    After you’ve paid the interest on your first months statement, you won’t think that long, gone, Pepsi was worth it. Also, as stated above, the ding on your FICO score, if you are still using credit for anything but a home.

  53. On college campuses, beer would be the better incentive. The cheaper (Natural Ice, Milwaukee’s Best, Mickey’s) the better.

  54. JMH says:

    Jeez, at least when you sign up for this shit at a baseball game you get a jacket or a jersey or a blanket or something. A bottle of soda? Really?

  55. She Laughs says:

    This just makes me sad.

    I heart Dave Ramsey.

  56. kellsbells says:

    I saw a promotion like this once at a Wal-Mart, except instead of Pepsi you got a GUN. I AM NOT KIDDING FOLKS. Any guesses as to which fine state I was in?

  57. sferench says:

    The bank in the lobby of my building (Citizens Bank, in Philadelphia) had signs all around the lobby and even sent an email to all tenants in the building (28 stories’ worth of them) announcing that if you opened a checking account in November, you would be entered into a drawing to win a 12-pound turkey.

    Meanwhile, Safeway was advertising turkeys for as low as 29 cents a pound.

    So open a whole freakin’ checking account and have a _chance_ to win a $3.48 bird. Nice.

  58. Raiden47 says:


    Uh.. no. Pop doesn’t expire for a bloody long time.. there is no way they would have anything that old.

  59. rdldr1 says:

    Make it a liter of beer and Im sold.

  60. Narb copied that floppy says:

    I would have preffered a free helmet, that way people would know why you would do something that stupid.

  61. carlymf says:

    Actually, K-Mart did this last summer. Except with a wider variety of soda, albeit all Pepsi products.

  62. Elle Rayne says:

    “This is not funny. This is sad. Very, very sad. They should at least offer Coke.”


    And I thought it was bad how credit card companies were offering free pizza on my campus in exchange for a card application.

  63. walmartsucks says:

    Does Pepsi donate the product for these promotions? If so, yet another company to add to my boycott list.

  64. detraya says:

    actually, it expires in a couple of months . not as long as you think. look at the date sometimes.