How To Get Rid Of Sprint's Text Message Ads

Here’s where you can go to opt-out from annoying text message ads sent to you by Sprint. Yes, it’s legit, you get to that page from the opt-out link on this Sprint page. However, they may have trouble saying goodbye. Scott, our tipster, writes, “After I sent my phone number through this page, I received 5 text messages from Sprint, telling me that I won’t receive any more text messages from Sprint…”

Opt-Out Page


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  1. xamarshahx says:

    this is the CORRECT link: []

  2. xamarshahx says:

    also, seems like they send the multi txts to everyone after opting out, must be 5 different topics they send messages for.

  3. homerjay says:

    They send you random text message ads??? LAAAAAAAME!

  4. missdona says:

    @homerjay: I don’t remember seeing any, but I opted out anyway.

  5. The Great Aussie Evil says:

    Not only annoying but costly. Remember that you have to pay to recieve text messages as well.

  6. oldtaku says:

    I got about one promotional message a month from them – not too awful, but if this will kill even those, bring it on.

    Update: Yeah, so far I’ve gotten 5 smses in 60 seconds saying I’m opted out! But they’re all worded differently, so I’m assuming this means they come from different departments in Sprint. A small price to pay compared to the random interruption.

  7. ChrisC1234 says:

    I’ve had Sprint for 5 years, and have NEVER received a text messge advertisement from them (at least not that I can recall)…

  8. Deryn says:

    Awesome! This made me wonder if AT&T had something similar, because their “helpful suggestion” txt’ing is pissing me off, and it seems they do . Sorry if you’ve already covered this; I’ve been lax in getting my recommended daily allowance of Consumerist.

  9. synergy says:

    I’ve been with Sprint for nearly 8 years and have never received an ad text message from anyone including Sprint.

  10. fasdy says:

    Five text messages, five different SMS numbers sending them. As Sarusa said, most likely different departments of Sprint.

    I’ve received occasional text messages from Sprint in the past. I have an unlimited plan so it was never a big issue, just annoying.

  11. PinkBox says:

    I’ve also been with Sprint for years, and have never recieved a text from them. :P

  12. HappyCustomer says:

    Of my 4 phone lines with Sprint, the other 3 are the ones that mostly receive all these messages. Since I control the account, my family members were always calling me asking, “What are these things? Can you make them stop?” Well, finally I did! Except, of course for the 4 final messages they just had to send. I’ll hear about that. Thanks, Consumerist, for this info.

  13. Sudonum says:

    I’m a Nextel user. I was getting them like once a month after the merger. I opted out by calling a CSR. Never got anything after that. And BTW there were no charges for those texts from Sprint.

  14. lyndyn says:

    I’ve never recieved ads – just occasional account notifications. I wouldn’t kill them, though, because if I lost my password to the website, there are two options to get a new one: send a quick e-mail asking for a password by txt, or drive forty-seven miles to the nearest Sprint store. My base package comes with 300 txts/month, and I use maybe 10% of them, and 5% of those are from Sprint – I can cope.

  15. Scott says:

    The page linked in this post says: “If you are a Sprint customer, you may still receive account related messages via SMS or text message.” Opting out doesn’t eliminate the *helpful* texts, just the ads & “tips,” all of which are free and don’t count against your allotment, if any.

  16. stephenjames716 says:

    I have never gotten a text message ad from sprint…been with them for 3 years.

  17. shertzerj says:

    I get about 2 or 3 a year from Sprint (contract is up in August, yay!), saying that there’s some promotion or something like that going on at my local Sprint store. I just put my number into the form and got about 5 text messages saying that I won’t receive any more messages. Thanks for the tip!

  18. maddypilar says:

    @ChrisC1234: Same here. I opted out all the same. SprintSpeed(tm) is a new thing so I’m not risking it. No joke, though, I have received 5 texts confirming my opt-out. I wonder if I’ll get any more.

  19. Sidecutter says:

    I got two of these ads a few months back. Responded “No” to both of them. They stopped.

    Oh, and they’re free. They clearly say so when they send them to you. You are not paying for Sprint to send you ads from Sprint.

  20. anon23 says:

    I have in the past received lots of spam texts on my nextel but not from sprint/nextel. I call them every time I get one to complain. I was also receiving spam texts on my personal use t-mobile around the same time.

  21. fromby says:

    How do you stop getting annoying text adds from random spam websites? I just started getting them and I get at least 10 a day AND they are always coming at night, like 1:00 am. It is so annoying!