Need Help Finding A Laser Eye Surgeon In New York City

I’m thinking about shooting lasers into my eyes. I know, I know, usually people want to shoot lasers out of one’s eyes, but I’ve always been a contrarian. No really, I want to get laser eye surgery, any suggestions for doctors in New York City? So far the only lead I have to go on are the fine doctors associated with the New York Eye and Ear Hospital, reputed to be a great place with great doctors. When I called a bunch of the doctors’ offices, the price ranged from $4,000 to $6,000, which includes zapping both eyes, all drops, medication and followup visits. I can afford that but it seems a smidge high.

My parents got their eyes done in Colorado and they paid $1000, and that was a few years ago. Now, I know there’s a premium for existing in New York City but I wonder if there’s other places, or articles, people can recommend to look at? Basically looking for “high quality, not so high price,” and if such a thing even exists. I’m not looking to get this done in a back alley, or with a “zap one eye, get one eye zapped free” coupon, just something a little more reasonable. Even if you don’t live in New York, ideas about what people have paid in other parts of the country would be helpful as well. I promise to make up for this slight abuse of editorial powers by letting you know how I eventually choose a doctor.

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  1. homerjay says:

    Try Dr. Nick Riviera. He’ll perform any surgery for only $129.95!
    Thats a great deal if you ask me.

  2. esqdork says:

    I don’t think Lasik is something you want to get from a discount operation. I’m just saying.

  3. JeffMc says:

    No idea about New York but here (SE Michigan) there are TV commercials saying $999 per eye. So $6k does seem a bit steep even if you assume these guys are hacks.

  4. bean11211 says:

    You get what you pay for. You’re talking about YOUR EYES!!! Dr. Michael J. Newton, (212) 861-0146.Left & right eyes both now 20/15.

  5. slickkev says:

    Check out Dr. Richard Koplin at LaserOne. He is not only a forerunner in the world of corneal surgery but is also one of the fine doctors from the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary that you were talking about. And, just as importantly, his prices are reasonable.

  6. Fry says:

    A friend of mine got that done for $3,000. Both eyes, other visits, etc. But we live in Canada, so perhaps some of it was covered by our health care?

  7. Lmam says:

    My mother always said that there are two things you should always be willing to pay top dollar for: comfortable shoes and people shooting lasers into your eyes.

  8. Hobart007 says:

    I paid $5,000 to have mine done here in FL. I went to one of the best doctors in the region however as he had a procedure not available elsewhere (no blade contact at all.. even for the flap) In my research it seemed that most reputable doctors charged about $2000 per eye. My thinking is that your eyes are not something to go cheap on and so if I were you (and I was) I would be looking at doctors first and prices would be my last worry.

  9. Hedgy2136 says:

    The advertised prices for eye surgery are almost always for the older technologies. Both times I had consultations, I was told that my eyes were so bad that I would need the newest (and therefore most expensive) procedure. Here is a wiki link that explains most refractive surgery procedures.


  10. Myotheralt says:

    If I had one of those uber green lasers, I could shine you for
    cheap. Free follow up ice cubes too. Put some ice on it, you’ll be
    fine. Walk it off.

  11. Myotheralt says:

    @Hedgy2136: heh, isnt that “bait and switch” ?

  12. Aeroracere says:

    Lasik Vision Institute, if they have offices there, have done a great job for me and several of my coworkers, for around $3,000 altogether.


    I recommend them to my friends and other coworkers. Recently my roommate got his surgery performed there as well, with great results. I’m at 20/15.

  13. harumph says:

    this really is an area where you don’t want to cut corners. bite the bullet and get it done correctly. all my friends who have had it done say they were happy they went wherever they thought was the best place, not the most economical.

  14. benmaimon says:

    If your eye is brown, you might want to check out Dr. Zizmor.

  15. satoru says:

    Might be too late now, but you can reduce the effective cost of the procedure by paying through those pre-tax medical expense accounts. By paying with pre-tax dollars you can save 20-30% of out of pocket money. Though this strategy depends on how your plan works. If you have to slowly trickle money into the account, then find out the cost now, plan for a December zapping, and load money into your account accordingly over the year.

    I would agree with other people that skimping is not the way to go here. You should also consider how many checkups you will receive afterwards (more is better!) and if they will allow follow up corrective procedures as part of the cost (some people need re-correction afterwards).

  16. jumpo64 says:

    I just had LASKIK done last month, because the job I’m applying for requires 20/20 uncorrected vision. One thing that you should keep in mind is that all LASIK is not created equal. There are different types of lasers that vary in quality, and therefore quality of results. If you want something high quality that will last, look for something advertised as “custom LASIK”. In this procedure they map your cornea with a machine, noting any imperfections. The laser has roughly 200 packets of light in it that shape and refine each section of your cornea.

    I paid 4000 for my surgery and don’t regret it one bit, as my surgeon was one of the most respected in the country. I now see 20/15 (better than perfect) and I have no complications such as halos or sensitivity.

    If anyone needs more information or has questions, send me a message.

  17. satoru says:

    Another thing is to see if they have a permanent surgical laser machine. Many cheap places rent the machine for days when they have the surgery scheduled, which means they’re not doing it often which can increase risk.

    When getting anecdotal referrals, make sure that they are rating their entire experience, not just how good they can see. Especially the after-care part is important.

    I cannot get LASIK unfortunately because my cornea is too thin :(

  18. Thataboy says:

    I used Chelsea Eye (dot com). Was excellent.

    My family got theirs done many years ago in the burbs of New England for that “thousand an eye” type price. The procedure is more advanced now, so that + NYC premium = 4-6K.

    You HAVE to do this on FSA (like the above poster says). Ultimately it shaves a third off the price. But you’ll have to wait til 2009 now. Talk to your HR rep about it (if you have an HR rep!).

  19. PinkBox says:

    If I saw Lasik being offered for only $1000, I’d RUN.


    I had Intra-Lasik done to my eyes last year, and it cost $3800. The cost makes sense to me, given the amount of follow up visits, and the fact that it included a “life time guarantee”.

    Why the hell would anyone seek DISCOUNT eye surgery??

  20. Benny Gesserit says:

    @harumph: I’m not sure if I’d necessarily equate “higher cost” and “correctly”. (Although, I do agree “lower cost” tends to imply more … risk.)

  21. Anks329 says:

    I had my eyes zapped in November 07 at Lasik Plus. The people there were great, they walk you through everything and you have multiple follow ups to make sure everything heals correctly. I paid a total of $3000 for eyes, plus another about 200 in prescriptions and eyedrops, painkillers and such. (The amount you need is probably going to depend on what type of surgery you get done, LASIK or PRK or something else.

    LasikPlus doesn’t have an office in New York City (I had mine done on Long Island), but they have a couple in New York and New Jersey. You can check the locations and set up a screening appointment off their website (

    Good luck with it, and it is a wonderful feeling when they finish and you can see perfectly without glasses.

  22. Nighthawke says:

    This might help some in figuring out the cost the procedure. The price quoted to you was about on par with the national average, if not lower.

  23. siskamariesophie says:

    Expect to pay about $4900 if you pay cash, or a few $100 more if you finance. If it’s way less, run as fast as you can. Most of the high-end places will offer corrections within 12 months for a small fee.

  24. kingofsnake says:

    @homerjay: “The knee bone’s connected to the something. The something’s connected to the red thing. The red thing’s connected to my wristwatch…uh oh.”

  25. Crotty says:

    I haven’t had this procedure, but I used to work as a medical writer in ophthalmology. I agree that you really don’t want to skimp when it comes to your sight! Some advice:
    1.Ask the surgeon how many procedures (he/she shoulds specify if it is how many eyes or pairs of eyes of course) 1,000 eyes is the bare minimum. Not how many have been done at the practice, but how many the surgeon who is going to do your eyes has done. If I got his procedure, I would make sure the surgeon had done at least 4000 eyes and was using the very latest approved equipment. Many practices charging low fees employ inexperienced docs (to be qualified, you have to do a few pig eyes at a weekend seminar) and cite the number of procedures done collectively at the practice.
    2.At the initial consult (which should be free) find out if you have thinner corneas than normal, and/or if your degree of correction is high (more than 5 or so diopters) and if you have astigmatism and if these factors or any others will add to the advertised cost. The low-charging places may ding you will little fees base on your anatomy, other special case things.
    3. If you have very thin corneas and you need a lot of corection, a subtractive procedure (the most common, includes PRK and LASIK) may not be a good idea. A cheap place though, might encourage you to go ahead with surgery anyway. Remember, lasers remove tissue, they can’t put it back.
    *Make sure any revision procedures that have to be done will be free.
    *If you have a pre-tax flex spend account you may be able to use it for laser vision correction.
    Hope that helps. This is on the whole a wonderul safe procedure when done by a conscientious experienced doc.

  26. UnRed says:

    Dr. Koster! He’s very nice. $3000 for everything. I’m having an “enhancement” next week for free! My Lasik was very painful. Most people recover in a day or two but because of my astigmatism it took over a week. Make sure you ask about all that.

  27. clevershark says:

    The places that advertise lowball estimates by printing the price of Lasik for patients with slight myopia and no astigmatism, which is why you’re better off ignoring the ads altogether.

    I paid $3500 for my Lasik operation last year in Montreal (which has to be the one instance of something being cheaper in Canada than in the US!) and am very happy with the results.

    As an aside, be sure to know the difference between Lasik and PRK before you consult with doctors. A friend of mine got PRK and he was out of commission for a couple of weeks, whereas I got Lasik and drove myself to my follow-up appointment the day after the surgery.

  28. sir_eccles says:
  29. satoru says:

    @sir_eccles: HAHA I totally forgot about that website. I haven’t receive my kit yet from last year! I’m so bummed!

  30. danbson says:

    I got mine done at Dr. Joseph Dello Russo in Bergenfield NJ but they also have a NY office.

    3600 out the door with 12 month 0% financing for custom LASIK. No issues during surgery, and I’m now a month out of surgery and happier than ever.

    I checked out LasikPlus and Diamond Vision but both seemed more about the money than patient care. Everyone I know that has gone to Dello Russo has been extremely satisfied, myself included. Truly a happy ending (without the truck stop massage).

  31. unklegwar says:

    Who the heck bargain shops for their VISION?

    As someone who nearly lost an eye, I can’t imagine letting anyone screw around with mine, but if I got all crazy and did, I certainly wouldn’t be quibbling over the prices from a reputable doctor. You’re gonna gamble $500 vs your vision?

  32. skittlbrau says:

    First, don’t cheap out on this one.

    I had a friend get his done last year, and it ran him about $5k in NYC. I’ve been calling around, and it seems to be the going price.

  33. Guys, I don’t think he’s bargain shopping. I think he’s COMPARISON shopping. Someone who’s padding their profits with mark-ups out-of-line with industry standards, while not as concerning as Dr. Nick’s Discount Eye Surgeratorium, is still something to be considered.

  34. alhypo says:

    I noticed a few people have mentioned Canada already, but only in regards to price. A number of years ago, when my mom was having this done, it was the case that Canada’s medical establishment had approved a better procedure allowing a greater resolution in the carving of the lens. The FDA had not yet approved it in the States, so she went up to Vancouver to have it done. And the prices mentioned previously are pretty consistent with what I recall she paid, so I don’t think the procedure is subsidized by the Canadian health care system. Although, now that I think about it, my mom was a Canadian citizen before naturalizing to the US. I don’t know if that might have changed the price.

    But my point is that Canada might offer a better procedure. Maybe we’ve caught up. I don’t know.

  35. craiggers says:

    I had my LASIK done in Westbury, NY in Jan 2007. Dr. James Kelly – really nice guy and has been doing it about 10 years. No problems and 1 year later I see 20/17 after being about 20/400 in both eyes beforehand. My procedure cost $3400…I paid part and financed the rest at 0% for 2 years.

    @sir_eccles: That just scares the crap out of me.

  36. AbsoluteIrrelevance says:

    Go on vacation to Colorado and use your parent’s doctor. It’ll probably cost less than the low range of practitioners in NYC. Medical tourism can be a great thing.

  37. hercules q. einstein says:

    I highly recommend the guy I went to – Dr. Emil Chynn. He went to Harvard Med. and has NEVER been sued. The best part is that he owns his own equipment so his prices are a lot lower than other places. The exorbitant price of LASIK is due to the $2000 “rental” fee doctors have to pay to the equipment company for each procedure. What I liked about Dr. Chynn is that he was honest with me – he told me that due to some complications with my eyes that I will never be 20/20 and that he wouldn’t do LASIK on me if I expected 20/20. He is the ONLY doctor I saw who wasn’t just greedy for the money. I was very happy with the outcome and would recommend him. His site is

  38. mandarin says:

    I paid 2k for mine last year. Ellis Eye I think is the name of the franchise and Dr. Ellis was the one who does all the surgeries. He has several clinics but he only does the surgeries. Includes meds and followups for a year.

  39. Jamie Beckland says:

    Any recommendations in the DC area?

  40. mbbilder says:

    As an ophthalmologist who does not do LASIK (but know a lot about it), I can tell you the following:

    The procedure itself is fairly simple. What varies among surgeons is JUDGEMENT and relative sleaze factor. Anyone who has done a few hundred of these is competent to do it to you.

    Unfortunately, LASIK is treated as a commodity rather than health care, which is what it is.

    I’d recommend an academic center, not a storefront.

    Remember (germane to The Consumerist): they are trying to sell you something. Caveat Emptor. Treat it like a medical procedure. Find a doc who does likewise.

    Go to NY Eye & Ear or a similar institution.

  41. velvetjones says:

    You have two eyeballs, and its well within your right to take them to the lowest bidder, but do you really want that? What is your sight worth to you?

    I had PRK surgery by one of the best in the nation and it was about $4500, and I would have happily paid double because I had 20/400 vision and I can proudly say I am now eagal-eyed.

    Going to the eye hospital is a good place to start, and I highly recommend doing one eye at a time. And see a Dr that is FACS

  42. hubris says:

    @satoru: When you say save 20-30%, is that simply by dint of the fact that it’s pre-tax money, or is there some additional savings that you can get?

    I just started a job and can get my FSA money right up front, and wasn’t going to sign up, but if LASIK is covered, maybe I can finally get rid of these damnable contacts and glasses.

  43. I went to Dr. Ken Moadel. Cost me $5500 in 2000; I referred him to a friend who used him a year later and her cost was $4500. He’s on 53rd and 5th and I have no complaints. (And I started out blind as a bat.)

    Best 5 grand I ever spent.

  44. rjhiggins says:

    Folks, we get it: You wouldn’t look for a buy-one-get-one-free special for your eyes. But that isn’t what Ben’s asking. If you can get the same procedure done by a quality doctor (there are plenty of them) for $1,000 less, why wouldn’t you?

  45. @omerhi: All KINDS of things are covered, and your pharmacy may be linked in to your FSA (or you may be able to set it up). When I shop at Walgreens, if I buy at the pharmacy counter (like picking up Rx at the same time so they have my name on the transaction), it AUTOMATICALLY sends everything on my receipt that’s FSA-eligible to my FSA and I get a check a week later for my Tylenol. :)

    A lot of drugstores mark if it’s FSA-eligible on the receipt (for ease of sending it in, if you have to do it that way), so take a look at what you’re buying at the drug store and how much of it is FSA-eligible. It’s probably worth it to enroll.

  46. JadedScientist says:

    At the end of last year, I got 3 estimates, ranging from $2700 to $4200 for non-Wavefront LASIK. The free eval exams let me form an impression of the facilities and doctors, although I really got tired of saying, “Um, I think the ‘A’ lens might be a tiny bit more blurry than ‘B’.” Also couldn’t wear my soft contact lenses for a week before each exam, which was a bit of a bummer (they need to get an accurate measurement of the shape of your cornea). I went with the $3400 procedure, financed with FSA.

  47. binaryjorgie says:

    I just had the top of the line CustomVue (Wavefront) about 3 months ago in North West Ohio for $2300. The big discount is from the “Bring a Friend”. If you can find someone else that wants to do it, you can save big. This includes free life-time follow ups.

    I also agree with making sure they own the equipment.

    Another thing to check it your pupil size. The larger the pupil, the higher the risk of halos or star bursts while driving at night.

    Be prepared for LOTS of eye drops. Mousture drops every 15 minutes. Medicine eye drops 4 times a day.

    That said, I would do it again in a second.

  48. doireallyneedausername says:

    I know you’re in NYC but I went to Dr. Mark Mandel here in the San Francisco (East Bay). He’s done 40,000+ surgeries for the past 15 years. I paid a little over $4,000 with low correction, wavefront, no astigmatism. I paid almost double what he was charging 3 years ago, according to a co-worker who had the surgery w/ Dr. Mandel. Nice guy, but one of the other commenters was right…this is such a commoditized surgery. They couldn’t really give a damn about the “care” in health care. And I definitely noticed this was the case everywhere I went.

    Additionally, our company covers half the cost of surgery as a company benefit. Thank you Silicon Valley hi-tech companies!

  49. ripthorne says:

    I got regular LASIK done with Diamond Vision (based in New York, but I got mine done in their Conneticut office). It cost me $1600 because my roomate that worked there at the time got me 50% off the regular $3200 (pricing in 2005). :-) They have an initial free consultation and financing option if you can’t afford it (like I couldn’t at the time, I was 22). From there you can free monthly checkups for 2 years I believe.

  50. doireallyneedausername says:

    one more thing. when i said “everywhere I went,” I was referring to the other LASIK centers I went to for estimates.

    Always ask your friends for recommendations, but more importantly, ask your regular optometrist for recommendations. He can help get your search started, but remember, he does get a “referral fee.”

  51. felixgolden says:

    Had mine done in over 7 years ago by Laser One in NYC. At the time I paid $1000/eye because I was referred by someone else and brought in a couple of other people.

    Not one of us has had a problem. Dr. Koplin invented one of the devices used to map the cornea.

    Current pricing looks to be $1300-$1900 an eye depending on procedure. They were very thorough in the intial exam and followup.

  52. hellbent says:

    Hawaii – My sister paid abuot $3800 after some kind of medical discount. It went well.
    Unfortunately, my pupils are too wide and thin to do the surgery =(
    Make sure you do research on the side effects of the surgury.

  53. PinkBox says:

    @UnREd: Astigmatism has nothing to do with the healing process. I had heavy astigmatism in both of my eyes, and had Lasik done last year.

    The procedure itself was painless, but it took a good month for my eyes to feel “normal” again.

    You shouldn’t have felt a thing during the actual surgery.

  54. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    I got mine done 7 years ago for $1200. But that was a discounted price.. me and my brother in law got it done together. And we paid cash up front.

    Honestly, I’d say it was a discount lasik shop. But the equipment was new and the doctor was really an eye doctor, not some random doctor that learned lasik surgery at a weekend seminar.

    “..the price ranged from $4,000 to $6,000, which includes zapping both eyes, all drops, medication and followup visits..”

    That seems really pricey and excessive. I only needed to buy 2 medications, both drops. One was an anti-inflammatory and the other was an anti-biotic. As far as regular eye drops are concerned, just buy the Allergen natural tear drops. They’re great and are available at any drug store.

  55. gcap23 says:

    I had laser eye surgery three (maybe four?) years ago with Dr. Jeffrey Gold in Hamden, CT. The cost included the surgery itself, all pre- and post-operative visits, drops, etc.

    At the time, my insurance plan (Anthem Blue Cross) did not cover the procedure but did offer a “discount” if I had it done at an approved provider, which is how I wound up with Dr. Gold. My cost was $1800, and I’m still seeing at about 20/15.

  56. miran says:

    But there is that burnt hair smell.
    Go for the free initial visit to all of the clinics you’re considering. And ask is the doctor you are seeing in the initial visit the same one performing the surgery? and after care?

    I went with the local guy who does this work. He was the only doctor I saw the entire process. Former employees recommended his work. Did not recommend working for him.

    The other none hack in my area only sees a patient the day of surgery. I just did not have much comfort with that.

    Ask former employees of some of the clinics if you know any. It is a good way to get

  57. JMH says:

    @benmaimon: LOL. Excellent.

  58. hmk says:

    See if your health insurance company offers discounts.

    I got Lasik last summer here in Chicago. My company joined Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance, and while we do not get any vision benefits, BCBS has a partner program with a company out here to get discounts on eyeglasses, contacts, and even LASIK. So I decided to do it, and the doctor I saw was great. Why would BCBS put their name on the line for a shady doctor? Dr. Rosin with Rosin Eye Care has performed a lot of procedures (I asked) and it was a great experience. Total cost: $3200, which included the fancypants custom and bladeless Lasik (only a one-year “warranty” unless I pay $75 for another year for low-cost retreatment if I need it). If I went with no custom and the regular bladed lasik, it would have been $895/eye–I figured, these are my eyes, I might as well get the best they offer. I have 20/15 vision and I can almost read the 20/10 line ;)

    Do some research and talk to other people who have had it done–the surgery and healing experiences obviously vary.

  59. hmk says:

    and FYI, the BlueCross/BlueShield discount program is the “BlueExtras Discount Program” and the vision partner is Davis Vision, Inc. (or TruVision, the parent co?).

  60. LasikExpert says:

    The experince of a Lasik patient or two is not an indicator of the quality of a surgeon – good or bad. Even the worst surgeons get it right sometimes and even the best have undesired results. What patients can provide is a description of thier personal experience, but be careful of extrapolation.

    You would not put in your friend’s contact lenses and expect to see well, neither can you expect the same result of another Lasik patient – good or bad. Every person’s eyes are unique and even two people with the same prescription may have significantly different physiology that can indicate a higher or lower risk of problems.

    Our nonprofit patient advocacy has created the “50 Tough Questions For Your Lasik Doctor” that can be used as a guide for selecting a Lasik surgeon. We also evaluate and certify patient outcomes for select doctors. You may want to consider these resources.

    Glenn Hagele
    Executive Director

  61. dlab says:

    Ben, I paid around 4K (total) for my Lasik surgery in Atlanta. Not the type of thing you want to go cheap on. More important than price, I think, is finding somebody that you can like and trust. Also, make sure you know the exact type of surgery you are paying for (i.e., how the incision is going to be made). I have heard from several eye doctors that in their opinion, having the incision made with a laser (“bladeless” Lasik) is both more expensive and less accurate; the doctor that performed mine is very reputable and he insists on performing the incision with the more traditional microkeratome method.

    My surgery was great, I was actually fascinated by the whole thing while it was going on (even though I was scared sh*tless before), and the only time I was uncomfortable was afterwards when the local anesthetic started to wear off about an hour and a half after, it felt like I had sand in my eyes. Of course, I went to sleep and 6 hours later I felt like a million bucks, and then drove my girlfriend out (at night) to a nice dinner.

    I had 20/25 vision 2 minutes after the surgery was completed, 20/20 two days after, and I now have 20/15.

    Another thing to keep in mind (but you probably already know this) is that even after getting Lasik you might still need reading glasses as you get older…

  62. Consumerista says:

    You may want to think twice about having this procedure. I had it done seven years ago and my vision at night deteriorated dramatically. Any lights (oncoming headlights, streetlights, even lights reflected in my car’s mirrors) appear as giant blurs that make it very hard to see. If you do a lot of driving at night, you should think carefully before having Lasik done.

  63. polyeaster says:

    It’s hard for any of us to realyl say how much it should cost you to get your eyes done…when I was researching it for myself, I found that prices seemed to be dependent on how bad a person’s vision is, presence of conditions like astigmatism, the type of technique/equipment being used, doctor’s experience, and curiously enough, whether one will be paying via the finance option.

    I decided against it (know several folks who had complications) If I ever go through with it, I would never, EVER have the surgery at any place I’ve heard radio/tv advertising for, and CERTAINLY not at any type of discount. I don’t personally think 6k is that pricey…if they said 10k, maybe…but either way- if you an afford it, $ shouldn’t be a concern.

  64. polyeaster says:

    @consumerista- It’s great to hear you bring that up. People don’t always talk about the side effects, but I know several folks who had the same issues you describe, also seeing “auras” around lights and objects at night, dry-eye issues more than a year after the procedure, and new issues with eye allergies. I also know someone who had to have 2 additional surgeries for some kind of correction for complications surrounding the surgery. He’s ok now, but it ended up being a much more expensive endeavor than he’d planned on, and he had to deal with the stress of not being able to see properly for a longer-than-average time. And who hasn’t seen Kathy Griffin’s freaky eye…

  65. groupie says:

    I agree that Ben is comparison shopping, not bargain shopping and there is nothing wrong with that. That being said, I am glad to know there are so many other people out there who are [or were formerly] as blind as a bat.

  66. shortergirl06 says:

    Try asking your opthamolagist who he recommends. I have also been looking into laser surgery and he recommended me one in Boston (it’s central to my two living areas).

    A good price, he said, is between $1000, and $1500 per eye. Too little and they might not be as reputable. Too much and you’re over paying.

    Another thing that he told me about is the fact that if you scar badly, anywhere on your skin, you might have the same problem with your eyes.

  67. taka2k7 says:

    I paid $0 for PRK in ’05. Okay, the taxpayers of America paid for my surgery (military).

    Then again, the drawback is that upon a special code word spoken in my ear, lasers will shoot out of my eyes!


    Yeah, don’t go with any “discount” eye surgery. Get some references of prior patients from the doctor. Ask those patients if they know anyone with a bad experience.

    Also check out what kind of doctor is offering the surgery. Avoid any that don’t have “Op….” on a piece of lamb skin in their office. (Any non ey-docs beginning with “Op…”?)

  68. UnRed says:

    @causticitty: yes the procedure takes 2 minutes that is the most sci fi experience you’ll ever live thru, but then it was 1 week of any light making me feel like dying. Just in case by sleeping masks and eye patches to keep out the light AND some good sunglasses.

  69. Instigator says:

    A friend of mine had Lasik about two years ago, and is now losing sight in one eye because of cell overgrowth. Lasik is a very risky procedure, but the dangers aren’t well publicized. Vanity is not worth it – just keep wearing glasses and suck it up!

  70. mbressman says:

    I had mine done a few years ago by my local opthamalogist/eye surgeon (who I had been seeing for years and trusted), and am extremely happy with the results. At the time, he charged me either $3,000 or $3,500 – I can’t recall exactly. He is located in West Orange, NJ, which is about 30 – 45 minutes outside of Manhattan. Feel free to contact me at [] if you’d like his name and contact information. Good luck!

  71. alhypo says:

    @Consumerista: Supposedly, the “halo” problem has been fixed. My mother hasn’t complained of such a side effect, and her procedure was done 3 or 4 years ago. But again, she had hers done in Canada!

  72. iamme99 says:

    Whatever you do, choose someone that is easy for you to get to. You are going to require 3-4 follow-up visits. You don’t want to have to commute a long distance to do these visits.

    And make sure the practice will likely stay in business for the foreseeable future. You “might” need a re-do (I did but this was 8 years ago) and if they have closed up shop, then you are SOL.

  73. hallik says:

    Go see Dr. Moadel, he is an amazing surgeon who has done thousands upon thousands of surgeries. He has done major celebrities and baseball players and his prices are reasonable, 4-5,000 with one year of free touch-ups. Do not skimp on the price, these are your eyes!

  74. banmojo says:

    I had mine done in Hungary at a world famous university hospital by an ophthalmologist who was trained in Germany by one of the guys who helped in inventing the process. Went from thick -4 diopters to 20/20 and paid the equivalent of 430$ for the whole process. This may seem wacky to most of you, but if you’re wanting to vacation somewhere anyways, think of combining your vacation with some surgery. Hollywood stars do this all the time with their plastic surgery. If you look into it, you can find top qualified (and verified) MDs in unlikely places. Always do your research first though, this is key to getting top results.

  75. JoeWaiver says:

    Banjomo brings up an interesting point: IF YOU KEEP QUALITY CONSISTENT, where do you get the best surgery for your $?

    No doubt BFE is cheaper than Manhattan. But has anyone taken the time to compare the same procedure across different states, or countries? Modern medical facilities really do exist outside the US, believe it or not.

    I also live in NYC, and I’ll probably do exactly what another poster said: visit my parents for a week and use a local doctor out there for a few thousand dollars less.

    But, if there’s another country I can visit and skirt some royalty fees, keep the same quality of surgery, I’ll book the flight tomorrow! I want better eyes, and I want to keep as much of my money in my pocket in the process. Heck, I’d prefer another country if that’s an option.

    Anyone besides Banmojo have experience / recommendations?

  76. ExcelsiorDDZ says:

    John J Costello Jr, MD
    578 SENECA ST
    ONEIDA, NY 13421
    Phone: (315) 363-1110

    I went from borderline legally blind to 20/15 in each eye. Cost just above $2500 including checkup visits. Amazing doctor, does not trust any assistant’s numbers when you are considering surgery. He will do all this himself as well.

    I had mine done in March of 2006 and absolutely believe that this is the best money I have ever spent. As a matter of fact I am going back to his place again on Tuesday to watch a co-worker have his eyes zapped. (yes, I am allowed to watch this amazing doctor perform this wonderful surgery).

    Contact me or comment back if you decide to come out this way. I could not recommend anyone better.