RECALLS: Kash N’ Gold Tinker Bell Novelty Lamps (lead), A.O. Smith Exhaust Fan Electric Motors (fire), Shims Bargain Pacifiers (choking), TJ Promotions Coin Banks (lead), Lowe’s Torchiere Lamps (fire), Honda ATVs (loss of speed control), Intermatic Digital Timers (shock), Pacific Cycle Children’s Trailer Bicycles (can detach from adult bicycle), Canondale Scalpel Mountain Bikes (crashing), Mark’s Quality Meats Beef (E.coli), New Era Mexican-Style Beans (botulism), Raw Oysters Harvested from the West Karako Bay Section of Growing Area 3 in Louisiana (norovirus), Shangai Chaojimengnan (actually Viagra).


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  1. Notsusan says:

    THAT’S ALL? So far for today, anyway!

  2. RottNDude says:

    Time to go buy my own farm, I guess…

  3. magic8ball says:

    The mountain bikes got recalled for “crashing”? Isn’t that usually considered a user error?

  4. kittenfoo says:

    some of those product names send out their own warning signals: raw oysters, bargain pacifiers, a bicycle model called ‘scalpel’? sheesh.

  5. homerjay says:

    I hate it when my ED meds turn out to be viagra.

  6. KingPsyz says:

    yeah no kidding

  7. It’s amazing how the “accidental contaminants” in natural herbal organic New Age medicines always seem to be a pharmaceutical that does exactly what the alternative medicine is meant to do.

    You never hear about herbal sleeping pills that’re accidentally contaminated with ibuprofen, or herbal erectile dysfunction medicine that’s accidentally contaminated with caffeine.

    Nope, those sleeping pills always somehow get benzodiazepines in ’em, and the dick pills somehow always get mixed up with sildenafil.

    It must be some freaky sympathetic magic thing. What other explanation could there possibly be?