Reach Comcast Executive Customer Service

215-640-8960 is the number to reach the Comcast executive offices.

Remember to read this manual on using Executive Customer Service first. And be gentle, they may be frightened at first to deal with live human customers. Just put some nuts in your hand and make soft cooing noises.

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  1. phelander says:

    As if they aren’t always there anyway…

  2. Last time I put nuts in my hand and made a soft cooing noise I got a restraining order.

  3. JeffCarr says:

    @AngrySicilian: He said “some nuts”, not “your nuts”. He might be on to something, tt may be that offering to do them a *favor* in return is the only way to get some actual help from Comcast.

    You know, the old you scratch my back, I’ll…

  4. tripnman says:

    They DO listen when you call this office. We experienced a six week outage due to a hardware failure at the tap. Even though we were repeatedly told by normal customer service that we did not need to be home for the repair (we were anyway), nothing was done – reason given – subscriber was not home.

    After launching an EECB and following up using this number, the next afternoon three Comcrap trucks rolled up, with five techs and a manager. We were reconnected that day.

    Go Consumerist!

  5. @JeffCarr: First time I’ve read Actual Help and Comcast in the same sentence.

  6. geekfather says:

    I give it 24 hours before they change and un-list this number.

    Comcast does not want happy customers. They want your towns monopoly on cable and for you to shut the hell up and take what they give you.

  7. elislider says:

    @JeffCarr: funny thing about my back is that its located on my cock!

    i’m definitely bookmarking this page in case our internet has problems

  8. nuton2wheels says:

    I called this number – it routed me directly a voice mail prompt

  9. jeffrey115 says:

    I used this number a week or two ago after the initial install fee went from $60 at a quoted price up to an hourly fee for a “custom install”. Regular customer service was of course anything but helpful. When I reached this number I was contacted about an hour later from a local exec. and everything was worked out. That local exec called me back about 4 times a day over the course of three days while the installation was going on (first techs came out and drilled a hole, then the next day 2 more came out and ran the cables… real custom huh?)

    Thank you to consumerist for this number, otherwise I’d be stuck in an english basement with no lifeline to the outside world.