Mother Daughter Identity Thief Duo Used Jobs To Rip Off Citizens

A Washington mother/daughter tag-team of identity thieves abused their jobs as realtor and bank vice president, respectively, to apply for credit cards and cellphones in other people’s names. Cassidy Janosky, the daughter, would rifle through customer records at Bank of the West and get the necessary personal and financial details. Cynthia Walker, the mother, had access to unoccupied for sale homes through her job at Caldwell Real Estate and set them up as drops for the fraudulently obtained credit cards and cellphones. The pair were arrested spending thousands of dollars at Sears. Over 25 victims have been identified so far, and two flat screen TVs and an iPod seized. The number of victims, fraudulent goods, and even suspects could rise as the investigation continues.

Imagine that, you might apply for a bank loan only to incur the hidden fee of having your identity stolen. If your identity ever gets stolen, here’s how to get through it.

Tri-Cities Mother and Daughter Accused of Using Jobs To Steal Identities [KNDO] (Thanks to organizedhome!)

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